Smartphone at half price, or what's the catch with Samsung Upgrade

This summer, Samsung launched the Samsung Upgrade program, offering members to receive flagship smartphones at half price each year. Sounds great, right? After all, given that modern devices from the top segment today cost under a hundred thousand, a fair amount of savings on updates is obtained. But, it is logical that not everyone could believe in Samsung's disinterested generosity. Therefore, they began to constantly ask us, what, in fact, is the catch of Samsung Upgrade and is it really the case, as Koreans say it? Let's figure it out.

Smartphone at half price, or what's the catch with Samsung Upgrade

It's possible to get a smartphone for half the price, but it won't be yours

And so, a smartphone for half the price. Is it real? Speaking directly, yes, it is real, but there really is a catch in this whole story. Not that it was a hoax, but the device that you receive as part of the Samsung Upgrade will not belong to you. In fact, you take it on lease, which means that after a year it will need to be returned to the manufacturer. And during this year, for which you were issued. the device, you will pay off something like an installment plan, paying about 1400-1500 rubles a month – in fact, for use. And when the year is over, either extend or return.

Smartphone leasing

Smartphone at half price, or what's the catch with Samsung Upgrade

Samsung Upgrade is pure leasing. But there is nothing wrong with it if you understand how it works.

For those who do not know what leasing is: leasing is the same as leasing, but only with the option to purchase. However, the purpose of the lease is to avoid depreciation. Therefore, as a rule, things with a limited resource are leased. For example, cars that, after several years of use, can no longer be sold for the same price, or, as in our case, smartphones. But land plots that do not wear out are not leased out.

Since the smartphone does not belong to you, this imposes a number of restrictions on you. In case of violation, you will have to pay a fine. Its size will depend on what was done. For example, if you miss a payment, the amount will be one, and if you bring a broken smartphone, it will be different. The main limitations of Samsung Upgrade are:

  • The smartphone cannot be sold or transferred to someone else;
  • The smartphone must be returned back to Samsung;
  • The smartphone must be in excellent condition.

If you decide not to return your smartphone, but keep it for yourself, please pay the full price for it. That is, you will be offered to repay the balance of the conditional loan and receive the device in ownership. As a result, you will pay for it exactly or about the same as it cost in retail.

With regards to the state of the smartphone being handed over. There really is a very tricky moment here: if you return the device to the manufacturer in order to get a new one instead, it really needs to be returned in excellent condition. That is, it should not have any damage, and its body should not have serious abrasions or scratches. Of course, insurance is provided in case you accidentally drop or hit it.

Samsung smartphone insurance

As part of Samsung Upgrade, the user is given the opportunity to request a replacement display. And this is the advantage of participating in the program over buying a smartphone in regular retail. I have no idea how much such insurance costs separately, but replacing the Galaxy S20 display will obviously cost you 20 thousand, and here this opportunity is practically free.

Should you participate in Samsung Upgrade?

Smartphone at half price, or what's the catch with Samsung Upgrade

Participating in Samsung Upgrade can be beneficial, although not for everyone

Is it profitable to participate in Samsung Upgrade? The answer to this question will not be very universal, so you also need to read reviews from Samsung Upgrade wisely. Most people see the 'Flagship at Half Price' ad and agree to the terms offered without reading the terms of the contract, and in vain. In general, to summarize:

If you are used to changing smartphones every year – that's really every year – and just have no idea what to do with last year's model after buying a new one, Samsung Upgrade is perfect for you. This is how senior executives act, who are not in the status of walking with the device of last year, let alone bother with the resale of old devices on the secondary market.

But if you take a smartphone for at least two years, then Samsung Upgrade will no longer be such a profitable option for you. The fact is that in this case you will have to pay the full cost of the device, without the possibility of getting a discount. And this is a rather unpleasant factor, because today, less than six months after the release of the Galaxy S20, it can be purchased almost 40% cheaper than the original price. That is, it's so easy to come and buy a Samsung flagship in gray retail will be much more profitable than bother with leasing.

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