Google has promised to track less Chrome users

Despite the convenience of Google services, they have at least one significant flaw, which there is no hope to fix. This, of course, is about constant surveillance by the search giant, systematically collecting data about your activity for a variety of purposes. For some people like me, this is not a problem at all. Well, they collect and collect – it will be better for me: at least I will see relevant ads, but the company will promptly learn about bugs in its applications, which I will report. However, most are more critical of their privacy and demand from Google to stop spying on them.

Google has promised to track less Chrome users

Google plans big changes for Chrome

How Google Chrome will change

Google has promised to track less Chrome users

Google Chrome will change internally quite seriously

Google intends to opt out of using third-party cookies and web services in Chrome in order to protect the privacy of users of the branded browser. Despite the fact that cookies are a fairly convenient tool that allows sites to remember their visitors and recognize them even without authorization, at the same time, it helps to identify even those who are against it. It would seem that if you want anonymity, use the incognito mode. But the fact is that most people do not have the slightest idea about how cookies work, and therefore do not realize that they do not contribute to maintaining their privacy.

The refusal will be gradual and will take place within two years. Google deliberately made such a long break between the announcement and the actual disabling of cookies, so that the owners of sites and web services had time to adapt to the new rules, working out a substitutionary strategy for their continued existence. Still, in this case, the existing advertising model will change, which was largely based on cookies that had a dual purpose and made it possible to identify users and offer them the most relevant ads.

Why refuse cookies

According to Google officials, the company's new initiative will create a secure environment and protect user privacy. In the current environment, when security is the main pillar of the digital industry, this is the only scenario for the search giant to retain its positions. Moreover, everyone else like Apple, Opera and Mozilla have already taken some rather drastic measures to counter tracking of their users, which means that Google should do the same.

Will something change for the users themselves? Well, there will likely not be any visible changes. After all, we are talking about an internal change in the structure of data exchange between the browser and sites. But on the other hand, the new Google initiative will highlight the need for change and encourage web resources to seek new ways of identifying. Some are already using them, analyzing user behavior and thus forming their virtual portrait. And this method of surveillance, in my opinion, is much more dangerous, since it is certainly more effective in terms of effectiveness.

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