How to create a mobile hotspot?

Mobile hotspot Today, when cellular operators provide unlimited mobile Internet, you can make a mobile access point from the phone and distribute the Internet to other devices – a phone, tablet, laptop.

Access point by standard means

To create your own hotspot from your phone, go to Settings -> Connection and Sharing -> Wi-Fi hotspot. Or use the search for the “Access Point” settings in the search bar at the top.

Internet access point

Let's configure our mobile Internet access point:

  • Let's set the SSID – this is the name of the public wi-fi network that the phone will distribute.
  • Let's set a password – to access the wireless network.
  • The default protection against hacking WPA2 PSK is by far the most reliable, we will not change it.
  • The frequency range is 2.4 GHz.

Access point setting

To quickly connect other devices to your phone, use the QR code. It is enough to scan it, and you do not need to type a password.

QR code

To save traffic, I advise you to set a one-time traffic limit per connection, i.e. how much traffic the device connected to your phone can use. And if the traffic is exceeded, I recommend turning off the device.

One-time traffic limit

And activate the option “Auto Disconnect Access Point” if you suddenly forget about it, so as not to “drain” all the mobile traffic of the operator and not drain the battery of the smartphone.

You can also always control how many devices are simultaneously connected to the smartphone, and disconnect unwanted ones.

Access point auto disconnect

The nuances of the mobile hotspot:

  • You can connect any additional. devices and distribute the Internet to them.
  • An active hotspot can drain the phone's battery in 4-5 hours.
  • The range of the access point and the Internet speed for connected devices depends on the strength of the wi-fi signal and is about 30 meters in an open space.
  • Not all operators allow distributing mobile Internet to other devices. This is especially true in international roaming.
  • If you don't want to delve into the settings and configure everything manually, use applications for quickly creating a hotspot: Wi-Fi hospot, Hotspot, Mobile Hotspot and others from the Play Market.

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