Huawei promised to reveal the secret of Harmony OS on September 10

In the modern smartphone market, there are only a few manufacturers whose events arouse genuine public interest. These are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. This is due to the high popularity of their products, which are in demand all over the world, regardless of the category. But either there are practically no innovations as such, or the consumer has become too demanding, but even the first-tier manufacturers no longer produce any wow effect. It's good that at least Huawei is trying to somehow influence the situation.


Huawei Tells Something New About Harmony OS September 10

Developers Conference Huawei 2020, which is analogous to WWDC from Apple, will be held from September 10 to 12. As a rule, it is devoted to fresh updates for the brand's smartphones, the latest achievements of the company's developers in the development of proprietary platforms and services. But this time Huawei, in addition to EMUI 11, promises to reveal secrets about the new Harmony OS. The Chinese said about this: 'We will share with you the latest developments in the development of HMS Core 5.0 and reveal the secret of Harmony OS.'

Harmony OS devices

Harmony OS

Harmony OS 2.0 is coming this year

While this is all the information that has been shared so far Huawei, it is clear that 'revealing the mystery' implies a massive announcement or, with luck, even a release. After all, for almost a whole year, the Chinese did not make any statements regarding the new operating system, and now is the time to tell the public something so that it remembers the intentions of the Chinese company to launch its own platform. Yes, today Harmony OS already works properly on smart TVs Huawei and Honor, but they are sold only in China, and it is rather difficult to judge the OS's potential by them.

Huawei is expected to announce the launch of Harmony OS 2.0 with support for smartwatches, on-board computers in cars and smartphones. But if the watch, most likely, will be released almost immediately after the presentation, then smartphones on the new operating system will have to wait, albeit not for long, but wait. According to rumors, the first device with Harmony OS on board will be released towards the end of the year. True, at first, it will most likely not go on sale internationally, but will be sold only in China, attracting the local audience, which is the main one for Huawei.

Will Huawei refuse Android

Huawei Mate Watch

The first device on Harmony OS after TVs will be a smartwatch.

Another thing is that the Chinese are not going to give up Android either. There is little certainty that Harmony OS, which is built on a technical server platform, will take off. In addition, you cannot announce such a large-scale castling like that. Therefore, even if Huawei does indeed release the first smartphone based on the new OS by the end of the year, you should not think that the company will immediately start the transition process for all its other devices. Changing the platform is a very difficult process, not only from a technical point of view, but also from a moral one. Therefore, I would expect it to drag on for at least 3-4 years.

But, if Huawei succeeds, she risks becoming the third player in this market. Indeed, now, in fact, it is divided among themselves only Apple with its own iOS and Google with Android. Linux and BlackBerry OS are of no interest to anyone, and even the most popular custom ones are still based on Android. However, Huawei has a great chance to prove that market redistribution can happen even when no one expects it. Personally, I would love to see how a Chinese company, previously known only for peripheral equipment, becomes a global corporation.

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