Why would I cancel all exhibitions

Now is the time that everything has gone online. Many exhibitions and conferences, depending on their importance, were either canceled or simply started to be held online. Some people did not like it, but the journalists suffered the most. For example, for the common man, little has changed since the Google I / O conference was held online. In a way, it became even better, because almost everyone was able to see the exhibition and the format was adapted for online. Journalists were upset that they now cannot see everything in the thick of things and tell their readers and subscribers about it. But I still, even as a journalist, think that the exhibitions should be canceled.

Why would I cancel all exhibitions

Exhibitions are good and even cool, but for now it is better to refuse them.

Cancellation of exhibitions and conferences

At the moment, we can say that all exhibitions have already passed. This year, of something really big, only Samsung's presentation, which will be held on August 5, and IFA 2020, which is still planned to be held in a mixed format, but people will still be able to touch everything, remained. True, these people will not be enough, but this is not so scary. In the end, not everyone could get to such an exhibition.

For example, to get to the MWC as a media representative, you need to submit your publications and tell what you want to see there. I myself have gone through this procedure more than once and I will say that the entry in Instagram, which was viewed by 100 people, is not enough. I need to send in some articles that you wrote for a large site. This can also be circumvented, but the probability is not very high. It is easier to just go to the exhibition for a fee, but the price of such a visit does not reach several hundred euros.

Online exhibitions

That is why we can say that it only got better for ordinary people, because the stake has always been placed on partners and media representatives. Now they watch all the events online and these streams are much better. They are of higher quality and are better adapted for display on the screen. Moreover, the broadcast is not interrupted. Since everything was originally done to withstand a large influx of spectators.

Why would I cancel all exhibitions

How joyfully my heart beat when we approached the 'doors' of the exhibition.

It turns out that ordinary users have only benefited from this state of affairs. They may not get authoritative opinions on a silver platter, but the replacement is still not bad. But there is another factor that should influence the cancellation of events. At least for the near future.

Is it worth going to exhibitions

In addition to the exhibitions that I have named, there should also be more niche ones, including gaming exhibitions, exhibitions of accessories and even car dealerships. We are now interested in precisely technological inserts that are associated with smartphones and gadgets. This is exactly the topic of our channel.

Based on this, we can conclude that the next major event, the fate of which is not completely clear, remains CES 2021. There was already official information that it will be held in an online format, but everything could change. This exhibition is traditionally held at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas and shows the latest advances in consumer electronics.

All major exhibitions, including CES, MWC, IFA, E3 and others, including car dealerships, bring people together like nothing else. Dozens and hundreds of planes bring people from all over the world. All this leads to the fact that people can simply infect each other. Even ordinary tourists in hotels and tourist places, if these are not the most popular attractions, cannot spread the infection so much.

Why would I cancel all exhibitions

Still, there are too many people at the exhibitions.

Even in normal times, when there is no pandemic and the risk of infection of a huge number of people, influenza and other infectious diseases are spreading very actively. What can we say about the current period, when the COVID-19 coronavirus is raging in the world.

When will the exhibitions open

There is no unequivocal answer to the question of when the exhibitions will open, and so far there cannot be. In the best case, they will be held in the same format that was proposed for IFA 2020, when only a couple of hundred people can be launched inside into a huge hangar, and at the entrance to keep a queue at a distance of two meters from each other. But is it worth it?

Now everything goes to the fact that the exhibitions will not begin very soon. The same goes for conferences. No one will simply take responsibility for the potential infection of hundreds of people at the venue. But they, having got on the plane and arrived home, will be able to infect much more people. So, without exaggeration, one CES-scale exhibition can lead to the second and then the third wave of the pandemic. Especially considering that tens of thousands of people are already sick in the United States, and in Europe, where everything has more or less calmed down, a second wave is gradually beginning.

Why would I cancel all exhibitions

Look at this! How can this be done under current conditions.

Opening malls and restaurants also carries a risk, but not the same as a similar event where everyone walks shoulder to shoulder. Even if a medicine or vaccine appears, it still cannot be said that events can be held again.

Manufacturers also save a lot of money. They hold an online event, and after that they just send out samples for review.

That is, everyone wins. People watch everything online in good quality, manufacturers save money, and the whole world reduces the risk of spreading diseases. Well, who needs these exhibitions. It turns out that we have not lost so much?

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