Smartphone Vivo with an unusual camera will soon appear in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Many people know a brand like VIVO. He is part of BBK, along with OnePlus and OPPO, but he himself is sometimes somewhat dubious. However, one thing cannot be denied to him for sure – he tries. At the same time, he tries first of all to come up with something new, I offer the market quite conceptual things. For example, it was this brand that was at the origins of fast charging and an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Now they have tricky with the camera, but the result is very interesting. The new camera is very different from the one now has its gimbal system. For a couple of months, this smartphone was sold only in China, and now it has gone beyond it. Its characteristics are average, but the camera is really interesting.

Smartphone Vivo with an unusual camera will soon appear in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

This brand often offers something new.

Unusual smartphone Vivo

The new smartphone Vivo was named X50. It also has a top version called the X50 Pro. As I said, the company is known mainly for pushing the boundaries of concept smartphones, hoping to conquer new global markets with its latest series. The biggest advantage of the Vivo X50 series is its advanced optical and electronic image stabilization. This should provide less blurry photos and better video quality in motion. Such a design should do much better with stabilization.

Many, and the company itself, compare the level of stabilization with the use of a special gimbal for a smartphone. But everything is built into the smartphone itself and Vivo chased after the number of modules, and the quality of the shooting.

Specifications Vivo X50 and X50 Pro

Let's talk about the design and specifications of this smartphone first. He cannot be called very cool, but he does not pull on a state employee either. Vivo The X50 and X50 Pro are 6.56 inches and have displays AMOLED with FHD + resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. The front camera is built into the screen opening (top left corner).

Vivo The X50 has a flat display while the X50 Pro is curved. A cursory examination raises great doubts about what it is. A pair of smartphones are very similar to the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. I don't really like this kind of borrowing, but you can't do anything about it when companies are part of the same group of companies.

Smartphone Vivo with an unusual camera will soon appear in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

OnePlus 8 and Vivo X50 have a lot in common

Both X50 models use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 76 chipset 5G, 8GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of internal storage. The batteries have slightly different capacities: the standard Vivo X50 comes with a 4200mAh battery, while the X50 Pro comes with a 4315mAh battery. Both phones support fast 33 watt charging.

Camera Vivo X50

The characteristics of the device are not bad, but the camera is still much more interesting. Both smartphones use the main camera module with a resolution of 48 megapixels and a Sony IMX598 sensor. The front camera of both models has a resolution of 13 megapixels.

Additional modules differ from model to model, they differ mainly in that the regular version is equipped with a macromodule, and the Pro version has a periscope module with a resolution of 8 megapixels.

But the most interesting thing is still the suspension system of the main module. It is only available in version Vivo X50 Pro. The company does not disclose the specifics of such a solution, but journalists say that the smartphone's camera has the same features as some camera stabilization systems, such as those installed in quadcopters.

Smartphone Vivo with an unusual camera will soon appear in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Such a concept cannot but deserve attention.

The main camera module is large primarily due to the fact that its suspension system is very large. In other smartphones, the deviation of the module from the initial position is no more than one degree. In the case of Vivo X50 Pro, the deflection is three degrees. Because of this, the module turned out to be larger.

If you shake your smartphone a little, you can even see the lens peephole swinging inside. Luda suspension has its own limitations and sometime comes to a stop. To do this Vivo X50 Pro shows a special window in which the ball is in the center of the target. As soon as it reaches the edge, it means that the system switches to digital stabilization, since the gimbal can no longer move.

The use of such a design seems a little unusual and even pretentious, but this is how you can achieve maximum image stabilization. You can play around with digital stabilization as much as you want, but it will not give the effect that optics. With digital stabilization, the picture is cropped, its quality is lost, and in the dark it does not work very well. At this point, optics really decides.

Smartphone Vivo with an unusual camera will soon appear in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Interesting, huh? That's just somehow expensive for Vivo.

In addition to China Vivo, the X50 and X50 Pro are now available in India and select European regions including Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The number of countries will soon increase. The price of the novelty is still biting. So, in Russia Vivo X50 costs from 44,990 rubles, and Vivo X50 Pro is immediately 20,000 more expensive – 64,990 rubles.

It turns out that the camera is worth the most, since the processor in them is not the top-end and other smartphones will offer Snapdragon 865 for this money. But the camera is worth it, as it seems to me, and the performance of Snapdragon 76 5G is enough . After all, even the Google Pixel 5 appears to work on it.

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