How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

Despite the fact that the recording of telephone conversations in many countries of the world is prohibited by law, since it violates the confidentiality of the recorded one, it usually does not stop anyone. Another thing is that at some point Google decided that this was indeed a dangerous function, and therefore took it and simply disabled it, depriving users of the latest versions Android from writing calls. Therefore, there are often questions on the network about how to record a call to Android or how to record a call in WhatsApp, Telegram and other messengers. Let's tell what's what.

How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

Would you like to record a conversation on Android? It won't be easy

How to record calls to Android 10

Perhaps most of all users are interested in how to record calls on smartphones with Android 10. The fact is that in this version of the OS Google disabled the recording function, and therefore all third-party applications serving this purpose turned out to be useless. However, some manufacturers build call recording tools into their firmware. For example, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor and Meizu.

If you have a smartphone Xiaomi or Meizu, you will not have to perform any manipulations like installing specialized software for recording calls, in principle – everything is already built in by default. It is enough to dial the number of the desired subscriber, and then press the record button (voice recorder icon). After that, go to the application with the files, find the call_rec folder and listen to the recorded conversation.

How to record calls to Huawei

But the users of the devices Huawei and Honor will have a little more difficulty. They need to install the HwCallRecorder application, which can be downloaded from this link. After that, you need to open the 'Phone' – 'Settings' application and enable the 'Automatic call recording' option. At the same time, you won't be able to record calls separately. You can find the recordings in the Voice Recorder application that comes with the default EMUI shell.

How to record calls Tinkoff Mobile

How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

Tinkoff Mobile introduced the service of recording telephone conversations, it is free

Recently, Tinkoff Mobile subscribers also have the opportunity to record calls. To activate this function, go to the operator's application and in the 'Services' section activate call recording. After that, open the 'Phone' application and dial the number 333. Then press the 'Add' button on the screen and dial the subscriber you want to record a conversation with. As soon as he answers, press the 'Combine' button on the screen to enter the audio conference mode, where a special bot can write calls. You can find the records in the Tinkoff Mobile application – Events – Calls.

Call recording to Android 8

Users of devices running Android 8.1 and earlier have no problems recording calls. Therefore, if you are one of them, just install the ACR Cube application for yourself. In my opinion, this is the most convenient call recording utility.

How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

Right – not recording, left – recording

Install the application and grant it the requested privileges. After that, when making a call from the 'Phone' application on your smartphone, a record button will appear on the screen. Click it to record the conversation or turn it off if recording is not required.

How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

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To find the recording, open the ACR Cube application and on the main page you will see a list of all recorded conversations with the note of the application in which the recording was conducted. It can be either the standard 'Phone' application, or WhatsApp, or Telegram. Click on a recording to listen.

ACR Cube has a wide range of settings. The application allows you to enable automatic recording, activate recording upon giving a voice from one of the interlocutors or at the time of receiving a call, and even activate geo targeting. That is, the application will not only record a telephone conversation, but also mark the place on the map where you made or received the recorded call.

How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

If only your conversation is heard in the recording, check the settings

If you are experiencing problems with recording calls and either you can only hear yourself, or you can’t hear either yourself or the interlocutor, the developers recommend doing a little magic with the settings. Go to 'Settings' – 'Recording' – 'Audio source for call recording' and try to select other recording options: Voice Communication, Voice call, Voice Recognition, etc. Then, turn the 'Improve the clarity of phone calls' slider to the maximum. This should fix the problem.

How to Record WhatsApp Conversations

ACR Cube allows you to record not only telephone conversations, but also calls to VoIP services like Telegram or WhatsApp. To be honest, I never managed to get the application to write my conversations in messengers. Initially, I chalked it up to encryption – they say, advanced security algorithms do not allow a third-party program to access voice data. However, as it turned out, there are actually quite a few of those for whom everything worked, and the reason for the refusal to record is hidden in a banal incompatibility. Therefore, to find out whether your smartphone will record conversations in messengers is possible only in practice.

Recording calls to WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype works exactly the same way as cell calls:

  • Go to the chat with the user you want to call and press the handset button;
  • When the call screen appears, click on the call recording button, which will be displayed over the messenger interface;

How to record phone conversations on Android and messengers

You can record conversations not only in WhatsApp, but also in Telegram

  • Stop recording during a call, if necessary, by pressing the same button, or end the call – the recording will end automatically.

Remember that by recording your conversation with someone you are talking to, you are violating their privacy. On the other hand, sometimes a tape can actually help you out by becoming evidence in an emergency. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to have such an opportunity – just in case.

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