How to connect a mouse and keyboard to the phone?

Wireless keyboard If you need to use the capabilities of a mobile device as a computer (processing and creating documents, viewing files and Internet pages, showing photos and videos), it is convenient to use peripheral input devices. These include the keyboard and mouse.


Depending on the type, three connection options can be used:

  1. Bluetooth.
  2. Cable.
  3. Radio.

The first option involves the use of a wireless module built into the device. Pairing depends on the version Bluetooth and the type of device to be connected. You need to turn on the radio module in your smartphone (turn on Bluetooth) and turn on the wireless keyboard or mouse.

The device's connection menu should display the name of the keyboard or mouse. After that, just tap on the name, and the pairing will be established. Some models offer to enter a pin code on the keyboard. You need to type the proposed numbers or letters case-sensitive and press the Enter key.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

The second and third options assume the use of an OTG cable.

OTG cable

A special cable is an adapter between a smartphone and a USB composite device. The ability to connect external components is determined by the device model.

A special transmitter is included with the radio devices.

Bluetooth transmitter

A small device fits into a connector and generates waves at a specific frequency. The range of Bluetooth and the adapter is about 10 meters (no visible obstacles like walls).

Connecting a mouse and keyboard makes it much easier to make presentations and showcase documents to the public.

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