Google Pixel 5 may be left without a top processor

Over the past four generations, we've grown accustomed to the Google Pixel being something of a “Best of the best”. This happened due to the fact that this smartphone has always received advanced hardware, an excellent camera, an interesting design and simply unlimited support from Google. In about six months we should be shown the fifth generation of this line, but unpleasant rumors have already spread. These rumors concern the filling of the upcoming device. If these rumors are to be believed, the new product will not receive a top processor, as we expect from it. But it's actually not that bad. In a way, if the company does that, it might even be good. That's why…

Google Pixel 5 may be left without a top processor

The Google Pixel 5 may not be what we expect it to be.

Google Pixel 5 may stop being a flagship

We are used to the fact that new flagship phones on Android usually come with the most modern processor. Basically this is Qualcomm Snapdragon, although there are exceptions in the form of Kirin for Huawei and Exynos for Samsung. Although, for the American market, Samsung releases its flagships on Qualcomm.

The Google Pixel 5, as everyone expects, should also get this processor, but chances are that this will not be, and there are several reasons for this.

The Snapdragon 865, introduced late last year, is without a doubt an excellent processor. But it has two significant drawbacks. The first is its price, which directly affects the final cost of a smartphone. The second minus is its architecture. Simply put, this processor takes up a lot of space in the case. If more complicated, the X55 modem is not integrated into it and must be installed separately. This leads to a more complex design and a lack of space inside the phone.

It is rumored that it is for these two reasons that Google does not want to use the most powerful processor in its new smartphone. There is a possibility that she will opt for the Snapdragon 76 5G. This is the second most powerful processor from Qualcomm in the current line. This processor is weaker than the 865, but it costs much less, does not take up so much space and has a fully integrated modem with support 5G. This is the first SoC chip from Qualcomm with embedded 5G

The space savings in this case may seem insignificant, but it will still be. This will allow installing a larger battery or additional sensors inside the case.

Why does a phone need a powerful processor

There is one rule that loosely translated can be called “diminishing returns”. This means that each subsequent stage of the upgrade, leading to an increase in processor power, costs much more than the previous one. At some point, you will have to spend a lot of money on minimal improvements. This is roughly what is happening now with flagship phones.

If the rumors are true, Google has sat down and counted. As a result, they realized that they should not chase the advanced hardware for their smartphone for the sake of a slight increase in performance.

Nowadays, few people use the potential of their smartphone one hundred percent and, most likely, will not notice the difference in performance between the flagship and a good average. Even games, although they work better on powerful smartphones, are still optimized for the mass market of more affordable devices.

Google Pixel 5 may be left without a top processor

The games work great on flagships, but they are created with the assumption that they will mainly be installed on mid-range models.

Since Google makes software and knows all the specifics Android, it has a fat trick up its sleeve. If you optimize well Android 11 specifically for Snapdragon 76 5G, buyers won't notice any performance difference at all. But they will get a cheaper device. With advanced features and years of support.

No Google Pixel model has ever worked with brute force. Fine settings have always been her crown. The company's smartphones just worked and were comfortable to use. Another proof of this is the Google Pixel 3a. It didn’t have top-end hardware, but it worked great without causing any discomfort. I even recommended it for purchase, as it is still an actual phone, but for very little money.

When Google Pixel 5 comes out

If due to the coronavirus pandemic, no deadlines are postponed, we should see the new Google Pixel 5 this fall. Google Pixel 4a should arrive a few months earlier. On it, the company can once again make sure of the correctness of its choice.

If the Pixel 4a performs well, it will be much easier for Google to explain to potential buyers that they shouldn't chase the specs iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The Pixel will get them more for less. At the same time, the wave of criticism that has always hit the price tag and battery life of smartphones from Google will come down a little.

Google Pixel 5 may be left without a top processor

It is possible that the Google Pixel 4a will look like this.

How much will the new Google Pixel cost

Now there are many good, I would even say excellent, smartphones. Among them are Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Huawei P40 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro. But they all cost over $ 1,000. Even the OnePlus 8 Pro, which is due out very soon, in a good package will cost about $ 800. This is also a wonderful device, but if the Google Pixel is sold for the same money, the choice for many will be obvious.

It seems to me that if Google leaves the race for a top-end processor, the price of its new smartphone may not exceed $ 800-850. This price will be its main competitive advantage. And very good support and branded chips Android will only strengthen the success. Moreover, in the conditions of the economic crisis, people will not want to spend a lot of money on the phone. Our editor-in-chief Renat Grishin just recently talked about the decline of the era of flagships.

You can say that the Pixel will simply come in two flavors (more expensive and less expensive). I don’t think it will. This is difficult and will only scare away the buyer. But the transition to a new philosophy and a friendlier price tag will definitely be a simpler and more effective solution. In some ways, it even reminds of the romance of the early stages of the path iPhone.

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