Temporary root access to Android

Every user of devices running OS Android has probably heard about the advantages of root rights. But everyone knows about the risks associated with it. On different models of gadgets, root manifests itself in different ways: on some – solid pluses and pleasure, on others – a headache due to problems. If the user is not sure how the root will work on his device, he can get temporary root at Android. In this case, they will be valid only until the first reboot of the device – this is quite enough to customize the system for yourself.

Temporary root access to Android

Who is a superuser

The superuser is the OS administrator Android, if we draw an analogy with the OS Windows. Initially, access to the root disk is closed for a simple user so that he does not harm the system unknowingly. The status grants root-rights, or rights to access root ('root' – from the English 'root') capabilities – system folders and functions. With superprivileges, the user has full control over the device and is like an operating system developer.

In addition to the obvious advantages, root can cause big problems, especially if it is obtained illiterately.

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Varieties of root rights

As a rule, users need full root, but it is not available on all models Android, and sometimes it is simply not needed. So, there are several types of root access:

  1. Temporary Root – a temporary one that disappears after a device reboot.
  2. Shell Root – permanent root rights to the shell, that is, without access to the system directory.
  3. Full Root – full access without any restrictions.

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Getting temporary root access

Temporary root is useful exclusively for solving one-time tasks. For example, if necessary, uninstall / install an application or correct the operation of a block Android. It differs in that after receiving, no additional programs, packs or files appear on the device. In other words, it leaves no trace. Unfortunately, it is not supported on all devices.

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With z4root

This program is one of the ten best presented on forums and specialized sites. Allows you to get and delete the root, as they say, in a couple of clicks. The most interesting feature of z4root is the ability to obtain temporary rights.

Unfortunately, this utility does not allow you to install a temporary root on all devices without exception. A list of 100% supported ones, like the program itself, can be found on the forums w3bsit3-dns.com or forum.xda-developers.com/.

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Step-by-step instruction

Well, now more about how to get temporary root privileges on Android using this application. This requires:

  1. Enable downloads from third-party sources at Android.
  2. Download the ARK file and install z4root on the gadget.
  3. Open the utility. It will offer two options: full (Permanent) or temporary root access (Temporary).
  4. To get a temporary root, click the 'Temporary Root' button.
    Step-by-step instruction
  5. Wait until the program finishes. If successful, a window will appear prompting you to root the gadget again or abandon root.

The device itself will reboot, and the SuperSU application will appear in it, which is necessary for managing root-rights (distribution to applications), only if you receive full root rights.

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Ways to get full root

Full root access can only be obtained by software or firmware. There are only two options:

  • using a computer;
  • on the device itself.

Naturally, to solve this problem in one way or another, you may need special applications, drivers, a USB cable and a stable Internet.

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Removing root rights

There is an interesting application that allows you to temporarily disable root. It's called Temp Root Remover . The utility renames the su binaries, the system stops recognizing them and cannot provide root to any of the applications. Moreover, you can repeatedly perform operations to mask and open root.

Temp Root Remover

If root was obtained using z4root, you can drop it with one click. In general, root is removed manually or programmatically. A file manager is used, with the help of which files with the .su and superuser.apk extensions are deleted from the system partition, or special utilities are used, which abound in the same Play Market.

After updating the system, root access also disappears. It is important to take into account here that after obtaining root rights using custom Recovery, you should not wait for software updates from the manufacturer 'over the air'. So you have to roll back by other methods or install the stock firmware. In any case, root-rights will definitely disappear if you install a stock firmware or a custom one without an embedded root on your smartphone or tablet.

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How to temporary root android: Video

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