How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on Android

How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on Android

We would like to share with you interesting information on how you can strengthen the Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone, and tell you the whole truth about the applications – Wi-Fi amplifiers for Android – devices. About other useful Wi-Fi applications for Android read here.

About the effectiveness of applications

Now in GooglePlay and on many other Internet sites, you can find a lot of programs that, according to the description, significantly increase the Wi-Fi signal by Android, which provides better connection and speed. The entire setup procedure, as a rule, consists of one step: you just need to press the large button in the center of the display, after which the application will do everything by itself.

Some programs even have a curve that rises significantly after the button is pressed, showing how much better the signal has become after the program is running. However, tests carried out on other applications that measure signal and speed did not show any difference. The bottom line is that applications are made for users who are not very good at it. Apps have a lot of advertisements that constantly pop up annoyingly, and, in general, they are developed for this.

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Why apps don't work

  1. The fact is that the connection depends not only on the gadget that receives it (your smartphone), but also on the device that distributes it (another smartphone, router). If the router does not work correctly and distributes the connection intermittently, then it is unlikely that the settings on your gadget can significantly affect the stability of the signal.
  2. Wi-Fi modules from different manufacturers are installed on different devices, respectively, they have different drivers and settings (lines of code in system files). Accordingly, if changes are made to system files, applications must require ROOT rights. In addition, if you change the values ​​in the system files, this can affect the autonomy of the work for the worse, cause additional heating of the device and cause errors in Android.

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How to increase the signal

If you have a large area in an apartment / house, and there is not enough signal to distant rooms, you can purchase a Wi-Fi amplifier for Android and other devices. These amplifiers are relatively inexpensive, and can improve the situation at least twice. One example of such a gadget from TP-Link is the TL-WA850RE model. It works from an outlet, you just need to insert it into it and press the button to turn it on.

TP-Link TL-WA850RE

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Really useful apps

If you are somewhere in the city and there are several Wi-Fi points nearby, then the Wi-Fi Overview360 application will tell you which network offers the most stable level of connection. In order to find the best network, you need to:

  1. Launch the application
  2. Go to the 'Home' tab.


  3. Then a list of networks with the communication level of each of them will be displayed.

    List of networks

  4. Select the 'strongest' point and click on it to connect.

    Choose the best network

But remember that a good signal does not mean that there will be good internet speed. To check the speed, you need to download the Speedtest.Net program and do the following:

  1. Run Speedtest.Net.
  2. Select 'Start Checkout'.

    Start check

  3. After that, the check will begin and the final result will be displayed.

    Verification process

    Test result

Check different networks in this way to find out where is the fastest Internet.

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