Why users Android are more loyal to the brand than users iOS

About ten times out of ten, if you talk about the fact that one operating system is better than another, you can run into a wave of misunderstanding and even some kind of aggression. Of course, it won't come to a fight, but everyone will prove that it is his choice that is the best, and everyone else is wrong. This happens between the owners Android and iOS. Even on our website you can read a lot of unflattering comments if you write at least something good about Apple. As usual, the choice of operating system is subjective, but recent research has shown that owners Android are much more loyal to their operating system than owners iOS. What is going on and what does it all mean?

Why users Android are more loyal to the brand than users iOS

Comparing iOS and Android can take a long time. Let's compare their users.

How Android differs from iOS

Indeed, there are two main mobile operating systems in today's smartphone industry. These include Android and iOS. Each of them is unique and each has its own pros and cons. I don’t think some of them are worse, but some are better. They are just different and fit different people. If you just need a phone and basic smartphone functions, then iOS is simple, logical and reliable. If you need more advanced characteristics, then this is definitely Android. Those who are not fixated on one thing understand and admit it.

With Android everything is clear. There are many different smartphones produced on it, it is functional and allows you to install literally anything. iOS, on the other hand, is a little more closed and works only on smartphones and tablets created for it. Users Android can set up pretty much everything at once, and if you have root access you can use deeper mods. iOS just works the way it should and doesn't have to go into it to improve. This is what causes constant controversy.

Perhaps additional controversy is fueled by the fact that iPhone are usually somewhat (or even much) more expensive. This is also always noted by opponents of the Cupertin platform.

Why users Android are more loyal to the brand than users iOS

Nothing is more irreconcilable than iOS and Android.

How owners Android relate to owners iOS

There are other examples of situations in which people are more or less tolerant of what technique others use. For example, according to some studies, having a phone with a different operating system can make one person refuse to date another person. At the same time, users Android are more radical in this matter.

Such studies are interesting, but they are done on the basis of focus group studies, and therefore cannot give an accurate picture of what is happening. However, it does give us some insight into certain tendencies that exist in these two warring camps.

Loyalty of smartphone users

A new report from the Consumer Opinion Research Agency (CIRP) collects some user data that will answer the question of why things are happening the way they are. The data collected shows that fans Android tend to be more loyal to their smartphone manufacturer than their counterparts with iOS. The difference is small, but user loyalty Android is 91% and users iOS – 86%.

In the past, customers iOS were more loyal. However, after Google has worked on usability for apps, music, video, and even overall design, this trend is starting to change. Also, researchers have proven that users are more likely to switch from Android to iOS than in the opposite direction. This can be easily explained by the fact that Android are about 88% of smartphones in the world, and even if they change their preferences a little less often, such an advantage is enough to make them switch more often in absolute terms.

It is worth noting that the survey was conducted not so much to find out how users are attached to iOS or Android, but to understand how willing people are to continue using their brand devices.

Why users Android are more loyal to the brand than users iOS

I bought myself a Samsung and will continue to buy it. So it is with other brands.

Why users Android are more loyal to the brand

Currently smartphones on Android are produced by dozens of brands – from the most famous to the absolute “noname”. In this case, only iPhone is produced on iOS. Thus, the survey looks at the tendency of users Huawei to stay with Huawei. Or for user Xiaomi to stay with Xiaomi. This diversity leads to the fact that a huge number of devices enter the market with completely different pros and cons.

It is this kind of diversity that in many ways makes users Android more loyal to the manufacturer of his smartphone. Apple gives people good smartphones, but if they don't like them then there is no choice on iOS. If the user doesn't like his Samsung, he buys Xiaomi. If you guess wrong again, he takes Huawei and uses it normally. Further, when the question arises of what to buy, he will most likely go and buy again Huawei.

This is how you can simply explain why users Android are more loyal to their gadgets. What do you think about this? Do you choose a phone only based on what is installed on it Android? Or are you trying to stick with the manufacturer you like?

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