How does App Action s work on Android 9 Pie, and how do I use it?

App ActionWhen launching applications on your smartphone, you probably don't want to do 10 swipes back and forth to launch an application. Especially if you use this application every day. In Android 9.0 Pie, a new App Actions option was added, allowing you to quickly launch some application functions directly from the smartphone's application menu.

Based on machine learning techniques, the AI ​​of the operating system tries to predict what the user will do based on the information it collects while you are using the device.

For example, if you wake up early in the morning and want to get directions for your morning run: AI may prompt you to launch one of the navigation tools (Google Maps) or resume listening to an audiobook using Google Play Books. When you plug in your headset, you can choose one of the available options: turn on a playlist on Spotify or call your friend / colleague.

As with Siri's Recommendations in iOS 12, the apps you use most will appear at the top of your phone's updated App Drawer. To help you get the most out of this new feature, we'll show you how to use App Actions and how to enable or disable the new feature.

How do I turn App Actions on or off?

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If you've upgraded from Android 8.0 Oreo to Android 9.0 Pie on your device, the App Actions option should be enabled by default. If not, long press on the main screen and open the settings menu, then click on Suggestions and toggle the Actions slider. It may take some time for artificial intelligence to collect and process information about the applications used, after which it will begin to suggest the most suitable applications for you. Follow the same steps to disable App Actions.

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How do I use App Actions?

How to use App Actions

Once in the Apps menu, you'll see App Actions as a pair of rounded rectangles under the first row of the most used apps. At the moment, only two apps are displayed at a time. By clicking on one of them, you automatically launch the application and immediately get to a certain part of the application, for example, turning on your favorite playlist in your player or going to one of the dialogs in some messenger. You can make a shortcut from these rectangles by dragging and dropping it onto your home screen.

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How do I manage App Actions?

How do I manage App Actions?

If you think the AI ​​suggestions are not right for you, you can easily replace them. With a long press on one of the rectangles, you can hide the suggested application in the upper right corner, where it says “Don’t show”.

This will remove one application and another will appear in its place. If you accidentally hide the application or just change your mind, you need to drag it to the top left corner where it says “Cancel”.

As noted earlier, you can create a shortcut from a rectangle by moving the desired one to the home screen.

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