Affordable Samsung Tablet Reveals Its Specs On GeekBench

There are many smartphone manufacturers in the world. Only large ones can be recalled on the fly at least a dozen. But tablets are produced by far fewer companies. Of the large and at all, three can be recalled – Apple, Huawei and Samsung. With Apple everything is clear, Huawei is still in a difficult situation, but Samsung has always been interesting to many users. In addition to expensive devices, they also produce relatively cheap ones. GeekBench has now found traces of a new inexpensive Samsung tablet. “Burned” his processor, operating system, memory and something else. Compared to other tablets, this one looks very interesting.

Affordable Samsung Tablet Reveals Its Specs On GeekBench

A good tablet is good. It's a pity there are so few of them.

New Samsung Tablet

You've probably already heard or just know that Samsung is currently gearing up for the next iteration of flagship tablets, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. While we can say with a high degree of probability that the new product will be released in two versions, namely, Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus. But the latest finding gives us the right to hope that the matter will not be limited only to these two flagships, and we will get one more device for good money. It is on this tablet that some Samsung specialists are now working. Otherwise, what are they so actively testing there in GeekBench?

The new Samsung tablet has revealed some of its features, data on which are necessarily collected during testing. This product has model number SM-T5050. According to the obtained characteristics, the tablet will be supplied with a Qualcomm chipset, the base frequency of which will be 1.8 GHz, which is not so much, and speaks about the budget of the upcoming novelty. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on the specific processor model. Although its code name is mentioned – 'Benga'.

The kernel source reveals some information. For example, the fact that the chipset has an octa-core Kryo 260 processor (4 + 4 clusters) and an Adreno 610 GPU. Given this information, we can conclude that the chipset is similar to the Snapdragon 662. Most likely, the tablet will go on sale with it.

Affordable Samsung Tablet Reveals Its Specs On GeekBench

We are waiting for the new tablet and, as soon as it comes out, we will tell about it in our Telegram news channel.

Features of the new Samsung

For those who don't know, the Snapdragon 662 is manufactured using an 11nm process technology. This chipset can support cameras with a resolution of up to 192 megapixels, although it is unlikely that a budget employee will have something like that. It also supports LPDDR4X memory, Bluetooth 5.1, Type-C, Quick Charge 3.0 and works in tandem with the X11 LTE modem. It is also known that the new tablet will run on Android 10 and will have 3GB of RAM. In general, all this looks quite budget, but at the same time it is encouraging that we will get a device from a serious brand for relatively little money.

As for the test results, which gave us a reason to talk about the new Samsung tablet, their results are 317 points in single-core mode and 1358 points in multi-core mode.

Affordable Samsung Tablet Reveals Its Specs On GeekBench

GeekBench results for the new Samsung.

So far, it is impossible to say more and we must wait for the tablet to appear on sale, but it is already clear that the manufacturer is definitely preparing something. Checking in tests is not done on the day when they are still thinking of preparing a new product or not. Such checks are carried out when the gadget is almost ready. As a rule, at this stage, all that remains is to decide on the design, to refine something on the little things and you can release the finished product.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

There is a possibility that the state employee will be released simultaneously with the Galaxy Tab S7 line. Although, it seems to me that its launch may be postponed a little so that it does not affect the sales of flagships. It is not yet clear how it will be called exactly, but it can be assumed that it will be something like the Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab A8.2 (2020) a couple of months ago in the US for $ 279. The original Galaxy Tab A 7.0 was launched back in 2018, so the brand might be considering releasing a 2020 version. We can only guess if everything will really be so, but so far everything is going exactly to the name that we thought about, and a relatively low price, which will be at the level of the model two years ago.

Affordable Samsung Tablet Reveals Its Specs On GeekBench

Galaxy Tab A8.2 (2020) exists. Now we are waiting for Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

What will be shown at the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung is spoiling us a lot this year (or we're just expecting a lot from it). I mean, the planned release of a whole bunch of phones on August 5 this year. Among them there will definitely be several models of the Galaxy Note 20 line. There are few doubts that the new products will include the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, and possibly even the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite (or another “budget” version). We are also waiting for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5G, Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live headphones.

All of this could come as part of the Galaxy Unpacked event slated for August 5, or with a slight time shift so as not to dump everything into one basket and not force the user to choose what to buy. Much easier to show this at different times, when the buyer comes to terms with the $ 1000 spent on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and is ready to buy a tablet.

We'll see how this comes out, but Samsung is definitely happy this year. What do you think?

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