How do I set up traffic limits and turn off limit alerts?

Mobile Internet On all Android devices, if you actively use the mobile Internet, you can establish control over traffic consumption. This option is especially useful when roaming. Sometimes the monitoring service is already enabled automatically, and messages about mobile traffic overrun appear constantly. How can I disable them?

Where can I find mobile traffic control?

In Samsung phones: Settings -> Connections -> Data transfer -> Cycle and warning -> Traffic limit.

In other phones: Settings -> SIM cards and mobile networks (Network and Internet) -> Data transfer. Here you can enable or disable traffic control.

Traffic control

If you disable monitoring, all traffic limit alerts will disappear.

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Data transfer settings

The following options are available to the user in the settings section:

  • Enable / disable traffic control.
  • Tariff plan. Here we set up the traffic limit for a month, what to do if the traffic is overused: turn off the Internet or issue a warning, set up the warning threshold and the start date for accounting. Tariff plan for data transmission
  • Enter traffic consumption in megabytes or gigabytes. How much total traffic can be spent this month. Traffic consumption
  • Limits and notifications. We set a daily limit for mobile Internet and set up notifications. Limits and notifications

And other optional settings: show the widget in the notification shade, show the network speed (data transfer rate), send a traffic report (it is better to turn it off).

Thus, by configuring for yourself the restriction of the Internet, for example, for vacation or abroad. business trips, you are guaranteed not to drain the entire balance from the phone, get into debt and prevent applications on the phone from spending mobile Internet in roaming.

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How to save traffic in roaming?

  1. Install traffic control in roaming (see above in the article). If you disable the mobile Internet in roaming, then all installed applications will not be able to consume mobile traffic.
  2. If possible, connect to available wi-fi networks (at the airport, metro, cafe, hotel).
  3. In your Chrome mobile browser, enable the “Save Traffic” option. Start the browser, in the upper right corner, open the menu (ellipsis) and select: Settings -> Simplified mode (on).
  4. Disable data sync on your phone. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the settings shade and turn off “Sync”. Data sync
  5. Disable automatic system updates. Go to Settings -> About phone -> System update -> Settings (the “ellipsis” icon at the top right). In the settings, set “download updates only via wi-fi” and disable the automatic update option. Disable auto-update
  6. Disable auto-update of components (system and standard applications in the phone). Settings -> Component Update. auto-update components
  7. Buy a local sim card and use the local internet.

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Video on how to set up traffic control on Android

  • Traffic control on Android

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