How Python is used in mobile app development

Until a certain time, there was no question of developing applications for Android in Python. However, enthusiasts have still managed to adapt one of the best programming languages, which is mainly used for web development, to the mobile application industry. And while most people prefer to use other languages ​​in mobile development, without Python, many applications simply could not work normally. For Android, they often write in Java, C #, C ++ or Kotlin, and for iOS – in Swift or Objective-C, but they are usually 'followed' by Python.


Python is not limited to web development

Python in mobile apps

You don't have to go far for an example. For example, the most popular photo service Instagram was written in Objective-C, but its server side is completely dominated by Python. And without it, opening the application, you would just see a white screen, since the photos would not be able to download from the server (just like other users would not be able to upload a new photo). The language is also common in Facebook, Yahoo, Red Hat, Dropbox, Pinterest, Quora, and Yandex.

Over time, developers began to create full-fledged mobile applications in Python. This became possible thanks to two frameworks – Kivy and BeeWare . The first is an open source Python library that is used to develop cross-platform applications. It allows you to write pure Python GUI applications that run on major platforms ranging from Windows and Android to iOS and macOS.

BeeWare offers a set of tools that you can use to write mobile and desktop applications using Python. The key difference between Kivy and BeeWare is that BeeWare uses a native platform-specific UI toolkit and is therefore preferred by many.


BeeWare lets you write native Python apps for Android

Python has also gained popularity with some large gaming projects. The following games have been developed in whole or in part in this language:

  • Battlefield2;
  • World of Tanks;
  • Civilization IV;
  • EVE Online.

How is Python used in games? Mostly for writing scripts that trigger scenes, characters interact, and game events take place. Some have managed to adapt it even for graphics.


Yes, and this is not without Python

Where else is Python used

Despite the fact that this language can be used for development under Android or iOS, it is still most popular in web development. This is a very convenient language – it is not compiled, that is, after launch it is a plain text file. Less code is required with it, it looks almost like ordinary sentences in English. For the same reason, Python is very popular with newbies.

If you have long had a desire to try yourself in programming, it is better to start with it. There are various courses on the web that will help you with this – one of the best is the 'Fullstack Python Web Developer' course from the SkillFactory online school. The school has a flexible approach to learning, allows you to study from anywhere in the world (which is especially important in a pandemic), and also provides all the necessary materials for training. Control over the execution of tasks is carried out by mentors – professional programmers who work in large IT companies.


When learning Python, special attention is paid to

Therefore, someone who knows Python can try himself in a variety of areas. Unlike someone who has only mobile application programming skills. Maybe you would like to try?

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