How do I send a fax from my phone?

Fax from phone Some companies still use fax. If you need to send a fax and only your phone or tablet is at hand, there is a solution!

To send you need only the Internet, and the document can simply be photographed with a phone camera.

Go to Play Store and install the FAX.PLUS application – free fax.

Fax Plus

  1. When you first start, you need to create an account or log in using a Google account or Facebook.
  2. We bind our phone number to the program (a verification SMS will come). Number binding
  3. Verify your number by entering the 6-digit code you received. If the message does not come, select “Call Me” (incoming call is free). A robot will call from California (USA) and dictate a verification code in English Number verification
  4. Send fax to your contacts – send a fax to your contacts. Use your contacts for quick sending (the program will need to provide access to contacts). Or select “Not Now” if you want to dial the number manually. Use contacts
  5. All previously sent fax messages are collected in the “Archive” tab. “Send Fax” tab to send a fax. Profile tab – your profile settings.
  6. We choose “Send Fax“. We indicate the phone number, attach a file or write text. You can attach a scanned document made using a camera, a file from storage in your phone, from Google Drive or from Dropbox. Attach file
  7. Done! Click “Send” in the upper right corner to send a fax. It will take about 1 minute to send one page. send fax

By default, you can send 10 faxes for free. All information about tariffs and remaining free shipments can be found in the Profile tab.

Alternatively, you can use the foreign service They give a free 30 day period to send your fax.

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