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Call Recorder for Android The call recording function is very useful not only because with its help you can get compromising evidence or witness the unwanted behavior of the interlocutor, but also for purely domestic needs. With it, there is no need to keep a notebook with a pen nearby – all information will always be saved in audio format and can be listened to later.

Therefore, programs that provide such an opportunity are especially popular today. Let's consider the most popular from the Play Store.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder by MobileIdea Studio has a rather outdated, but generally nice design and all the necessary functions. When set to Android 9 (Pie) warns that it will not be able to record conversations through Bluetooth – a headset or wired headphones. Handles normal recording well. To start it, you need:

  1. Make sure that the program is active and its icon is present in the shutter. Application launch
  2. Make a call and end it, this window will appear. Call recording
  3. By clicking on the 'Save As' button, a stylized file manager appears, the file name will be displayed at the very bottom. Saving call recording as mp3 file
  4. After clicking OK, the user is redirected to the list of recorded conversations. Audio recordings of calls

As you can see, the functionality is quite simple, but the main advantage of this application is the ability to automatically record. There are not too many settings here:

Program settings

Here you can enable and disable the call recorder, configure the display of a notification in the blind, edit the list of exceptions and enable blocking of records.


  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • High-quality recording of all calls.
  • Wide possibilities for customization.


  • No saving to the cloud.
  • Limited compatibility with Android 9.
  • Poor quality Russian localization – the text was translated by the program.

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Cube Call Recorder

An application with a pleasant interface and fairly broad capabilities for recording any calls. Made in the form of a small widget that works like a switch. The interface of the main part is detailed and rich in the finest settings.

The user is trained before starting work. By default, the app only supports recording phone conversations. But at the same time, you can activate a switch in the settings, which will allow you to try recording conversations through popular instant messengers. After providing all the necessary permissions, such a notification appears in the curtain.

Cube Call Recorder

The recording is done like this:

  1. In the main menu, you need to click on the button with the microphone. Start recording
  2. When dialing a number, the floating widget must be active and docked to the right edge of the screen. The recording is in progress
  3. After the end of the conversation, its audio recording will appear in the main window. Dictaphone recording

All settings are in the side menu, which is called by tapping on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines.

Application settings

Most of the features that can really be useful to the user are hidden behind the purchase of the premium version, which additionally activates the screen widget. Below it there are two options for sorting records – by time or by geotag. Next are the settings of the program itself.

Let's analyze the recording settings (item “Recording”).

Recording settings

You can configure auto-start when an outgoing or incoming call is detected. There is a blacklist setting. The program supports recording from external sources, for example a headset, including a wireless one – the 'Audio source' item is responsible for their setting. You can increase the overall sound level of the recording so that you can hear the voices better. The function of recording calls from instant messengers is also included here, but the developer does not give any guarantees of its performance.

The backup settings (item 'Backup and storage') will save you time and hassle. But most of the features are available in the premium version of the program.

Backup settings

Of the free functions, there is only a choice of the folder where the recording files are saved. By default, it appears to be '/ external_files / CubeCallRecorder'. Premium options: copying to Google Drive and Dropbox, automatic uploading to the cloud and deleting local files after the end of the backup. There is also a function that turns off the saving of short calls, also paid.

The Miscellaneous tab hides the geotagging settings and a few visual options like the widget display and the theme of the app itself.

Application advantages:

  • Determines the beginning and end of a conversation well.
  • There are many settings, including a backup to the cloud (paid).
  • Clear sound in recordings.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • The initial setup process is not very beginner-friendly.
  • Most of the features are paid.

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Recorder from CRYOK

An excellent application that has all the functions of the previous ones, but does not require the purchase of a premium version for this. All you can do here for money is to turn off completely unobtrusive ads.

By default, recording starts only after the conversation starts. The following notification appears in the curtain:

Recording notification

All entries are stored in the '/ storage / emulated / 0 / Blackbox' folder and are accessible from the main window, which looks like this:


After clicking on any item, the audio file management menu is launched. Here you can play and pause the recording, edit its title, add it to the favorites list, share through the standard Share menu and delete.

Working with a saved recording

The side menu hides a rather stylish logo and app settings:

Application settings

Basic program settings:

  • Set up automatic call recording.
  • Enable or disable the built-in widget and notifications in the curtain.
  • Choose a backup location.
  • Configure screen lock and exceptions.
  • Enable automatic deletion of records from your phone if they were uploaded to the cloud. This can be useful for owners of phones with a small amount of internal memory.

Application settings

The advanced settings add a couple of minor features to:

  • Set up the transfer of the conversation to speakerphone when taking it away from the ear (using the proximity sensor).
  • Hide the recordings folder so that it is not indexed by players.
  • Select the source of the audio stream – either from the built-in microphone and speaker, or from the headset.
  • Set the format in which the entries will be displayed, change the font in the application and the working folder.

Advanced settings

Application advantages:

  • The premium fee is charged not for the features in demand, but for disabling ads.
  • Nice work with notifications.
  • Fine tuning.
  • Stable and discreet work.


  • The vibration when switching recording on and off is very loud and not adjustable.

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The ACR program from the developer nll is a good application with an inexpensive premium version (119 rubles), without which it is practically pointless to use it. When working and recording, it displays two notifications in the blind, which noticeably overloads it:

Start recording

Define a number, like other similar applications, allows you to edit the name of an entry and quickly link a contact from the phone book to it.

In the main window, by analogy with the previous products, all recorded conversations are placed.

Recorded Conversation List

There is sorting by the type of call and the 'Important' tab, where entries are entered manually.

Sorting audio recordings

The side menu looks like this:


From it you can access the trash bin with deleted files, settings and various service information. Basic program settings:

  • General settings – configuring application protection with a pin code, the appearance and behavior of notifications. There is an option to disable the Recycle Bin (files are deleted permanently immediately), you can select a media player for playback and disable file indexing.
  • Recording – advanced settings for all audio parameters. You can choose where to save files (by default – the 'ACRCalls' folder at the root of the emulated folder of the main storage), their type, configure autovacuum and delete very short files. Here you can select the audio source and configure calls in messengers.
  • Cloud services – everything related to backups of audio recordings. You can set up both integration with Google Drive and sending by mail or FTP.
  • Wi-Fi address – shows the IP from which you can download the records in the phone through the browser if the computer and the phone are in the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Transfer records – allows you to send them directly to another phone, via Bluetooth.
  • Language & Updates – regional settings and enabling notifications of new features after app updates.

Program settings

Application advantages:

  • Rich functionality.
  • Inexpensive premium.
  • High-quality call recording.
  • Good backup capabilities.


  • No identification of the number.

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Call Recorder

Another “online spy” is Call Recorder by Green Apple Studio. An app with a slightly controversial design, but it does its job well enough. There are no overly advanced features here.

The recording notification appears when the call starts and looks like this:

Call recording

Upon completion of the call, it is replaced by another with the file name that was assigned by the program:

Audio title

The main window contains all records at once, which can be sorted by type.

Sorting audio recordings

The settings fit on one screen, which has a good effect on the usability of the program.

Here you can select calls that are preferable to record, set up an ignore list for specific numbers, set protection against unauthorized entry by pin code or pattern. In addition, the program makes it possible to control the audio source, the type of files in which the recordings will be saved, and the folder in which they will be located. No cloud-based features or even basic backup features are provided. You will have to configure the autoloading of records in the cloud storage client itself.

Program settings

Benefits of the program:

  • Lightweight application.
  • It has all the basic functions.
  • Records sound from external sources well.
  • Flexible customization.


  • Expensive compared to the competition Pro mode lacks most modern features.
  • There is no automatic integration with cloud services – the phone memory quickly clogs up.

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