How to change input language in BlueStacks

Use the full potential of your smartphone on a computer, adapting the capabilities of Android – systems for Windows or MacOS. The BlueStacks emulator is a tool that has already been duly appreciated all over the world. The application differs from analogs by high productivity, an intuitive menu and a rich selection of settings. Even at the first start, you can easily understand how to write in BlueStacks in English, Russian and other languages ​​using on-screen input methods or a stationary keyboard of a personal computer.

How to change input language in BlueStacks

Features Android – BlueStacks App Player emulator

In need of a free mobile platform emulator, you should definitely consider BlueStacks App Player. With its help, each user of multifunctional gadgets will be able to display their favorite games and applications on the big screen of their laptop, previously created for Android – devices.

Your favorite games and apps on the big screen

It should be noted that none of the known counterparts can match the productivity of BlueStacks. The program supports the launch of more than 86% of games, as well as 96% of applications from the Play Market. In addition, the software is synchronized with any existing Google account. This function allows you to perform any actions in installed applications at the same time on different devices, without fear of losing important data or saves, as is the case with games.

Also a significant advantage of the emulator is support for the most popular platforms – Windows and MacOS. The software works equally well under both operating systems, allowing you to use the full potential of Android – applications.

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Instructions for changing the input language in BlueStacks

The question of how to make Russian in BlueStacks is often asked by emulator users. The solution to this problem does not require special skills and abilities. It is enough to use the following instruction:

  1. Make active any field where you need to enter text. In our case, this is the Login section when you enter your account.
  2. Click on the keyboard image that appears at the bottom right.
  3. Be sure to set the switch to the 'Off' position. This will allow you to use not only the on-screen keyboard, but also the hardware keyboard.
  4. Specify 'Configure Input Methods'.
    Specify 'Configure Input Methods'
  5. In the settings window that opens, select the keyboard settings by clicking on the corresponding icon.
    Select keyboard settings
  6. Click on the 'Input languages' section.
    Section 'Input languages'
  7. When you first set up the program, the 'System language' column will be marked. Uncheck it – this will open access to the rest of the languages.
    Uncheck the box 'System language'
  8. Choose Russian, English or any other language that you will use.
    Choose the language you will use

This completes the language setting in the emulator. Now you can type text using the convenient on-screen or stationary keyboard.

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If you need to write in English when logging into your account

In BlueStacks, every user who has installed the software on their computer can write in English when logging into their account. One of the simplest methods of changing the language when entering any data is to refer to the keyboard icon, which was mentioned in the setup instructions. After activating the field for entering a request, a menu with the selected languages ​​will appear in the 'Input languages' section.

Menu with your selected languages ​​under 'Input languages'

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Change input language using hotkeys

If you want to change the input language in BlueStacks using the stationary keyboard, be prepared for the fact that the standard keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift or Alt + Shift do not work. To change the language, the program provides another combination – Ctrl + Space. Just a couple of days of use – and you will be able to operate with input in BlueStacks as easily as during normal work on a PC under the operating system Windows or MacOS.

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Having figured out how to change the language to English in BlueStacks, you need to learn about copying data using a stationary computer keyboard. You can use the usual combination of Ctrl + C (for copying) and Ctrl + V (for pasting). If you operate only on-screen input methods, you should remember that copying can be done by simply selecting the text with a left mouse click, and pasting by long pressing the left button in the corresponding area of ​​the screen (where you would like to place the copied information).

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Layout switcher setting

The problem that every second user of the popular emulator faces is the error when changing the language. Many do not know what to do if BlueStacks does not write in English. The reason may be additional software. For example, the Punto Switcher program conflicts with the emulator settings, having a negative impact on the performance of the application while typing. Therefore, before making global changes or reinstalling the program, make sure that other software on the computer does not conflict with the emulator.

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How to change Bluestacks input language: Video

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