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Auto redial Auto redial is a useful function in many cases. It allows the user to automate the dialing process and automatically retry an outgoing call when there is no answer.

Some smartphone manufacturers build this capability into their own skins for Android. So, in the famous TouchWiz, Samsung Experience and their modern version OneUI, auto-dialer can be enabled from the settings menu. But situations are not uncommon when there is no such item in the phone parameters. Then the auto redial applications for Android come to the rescue. We will talk about the most popular ones, their capabilities and advantages below.

Auto dialer app from lithiumS

The simplest, but very effective solution for those who need minimal functionality on one screen without unnecessary options. Works with both SIM cards in the phone and correctly detects switching between them.

The main screen looks like this:

Auto redial settings

Basic program settings:

  • The ability to manually enter a number and select it from the phone book (the button is marked with a red rectangle), automatic addition of regional codes, if the application used for calls does not support this feature. Manual number entry
  • Enhanced control over the duration of the call, along with the time spent on dialing, but without the conversation itself.
  • The ability to choose what needs to be done after the subscriber picks up the phone: either stop dialing, or instant disconnect.
  • Set the maximum number and frequency of calls: Auto redial settings
  • and then adjust the time parameters of the upcoming autodial – the number of times, time, date and possible duration. Auto redial settings
  • As some users note, the function of terminating the call after the subscriber answers on the other end does not always work correctly, but otherwise there are no errors in the operation of the application.

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A slightly outdated but easy-to-use application that does not currently comply with Google's automatic calling policy, but provides a minimal set of features.

The main window is minimalistic and looks like this:


Application features:

  • Manual entry or selection of a subscriber from the phonebook list.
  • Automatically turn on the speakerphone when the other end goes off-hook. The feature may not work without additional permissions.
  • Setting the number of calls and the interval between them.

The main drawback is that the author has stopped releasing updates and, as a result, no more features are added. Russian localization is done by an auto-translator from Spanish, which can also cause some inconvenience. Despite all the disadvantages, the application is capable of performing simple tasks and, unlike its competitors, does not require special permissions.

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Auto Call Scheduler

Another simple solution to automate the scheduled dialing process. The main window contains only one button that allows you to add a new event:

Auto Call Scheduler

By tapping this button, a rather modest menu opens with all the available parameters of the upcoming automatic dialing:

Automatic dialing

Let's analyze each point in more detail:

  • At the top there is a field for entering a number and an associated button for selecting a subscriber from the 'Contacts' application.
  • The following are the options for choosing the time and date of the upcoming call.
  • After – two checkboxes. The first one includes a request for permission before making a call (a notification will be sent to the curtain, and the phone will play an alert melody). The second one is activated after the first one and allows you to play the main ringtone instead of the standard notification.
  • Under the checkboxes there is a slider that allows you to change the time after which you will need to hang up. The minimum amount is 0, the maximum is 120 seconds.
  • The 'Tap here to set repeat' area opens a pop-up window that allows more flexibility in configuring all repeat parameters, from the days of the week to the number of attempts: Auto redial settings

Today, this is an almost perfect replacement for the previous application, although it requires a fairly large number of permissions to install and run. It is possible to disable all ads for 10 days by watching one video. There are no other settings, like changing the appearance to the dark mode that is fashionable today, which means that the owners of AMOLED screens will either have to look for an alternative, or put up with a slightly faster battery discharge.

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At the first launch, you will be offered a small guide on how to optimally configure all permissions for the application to work correctly. The opening slide shows the required permissions:


The second is the main settings that are displayed in the main window – the number of consecutive calls, the time after which the call ends and the interval after which it should be repeated.

Auto redial settings

The following demonstrates the dialing interface. As you can see, there is a button for accessing the phone book, as in any other such program.

Dialing a number

The last slide shows how you can quickly stop dialing. You just need to lower the curtain and tap on the notification from AutoRedial, or go to the application and press the red 'Hang up' button.

Auto redial settings

After the introductory presentation, the user is taken to the main window, and additional settings are accessed by pressing the button representing three horizontal lines in the upper left corner:

Additional settings

Here you can:

  • Disable ads for special points earned by watching video ads.
  • Customize the response behavior of the loudspeaker.
  • Enable notification when the dialing process is completed (built-in alarm clock is used).
  • Continue dialing after the service has been stopped. Prevents errors from occurring during application crash or incorrect closing.

The main drawback of the program is the low degree of adaptation for screens with high resolution. Some of the elements look stretched, and for the design of the two function buttons, not vector, but bitmaps were clearly used. Otherwise, the program works as stated, errors that users find are sent through the built-in bug reporter and are promptly corrected.

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Auto Redial

The simplest and most minimalistic dialer. Doesn't have a one-page design – some options are hidden and appear by clicking the 'Settings' button, which looks like a gear.

The main window looks like this:

Auto Redial

As you can see, neither the font nor the controls here adjust to the phone's resolution, and when using the application on modern flagships with 2K screens, there may be problems with the readability of all elements and signatures.

Dialing is simple – a number is entered or selected from the phone book and the green button is pressed. At the bottom there is a slider with a setting for the number of consecutive calls. At the top, immediately below the parameter setting button, there is an option to turn on the speaker during the answer. The rest of the settings in a separate window look like this:

General settings

Here you can configure the interval in seconds between dialing attempts, the screen turning on while the program is running, and the number of attempts. Some options are repetitive, which is a bit confusing and is the second drawback of the application after the lack of scalability of elements. Otherwise, it performs its functions with high quality and dignity.

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