Possible price and release date of cheap OnePlus Z revealed

Here is a strange, nevertheless, OnePlus company. They will always give you a reason to talk about yourself. This is due primarily to the quality of its smartphones and what kind of promotion model they chose at first. I have never been an ardent fan of this brand, although I advised many to buy its smartphones, but the more objective are my statements about it. At the same time, as they say, when good fellows, then good fellows. This year they stepped into the premium segment, but did not forget about the budget model. It was expected at the same time as the older versions, but it will only be released in a few weeks. It's nice that the company hasn't forgotten about it and now we know the approximate date of its release.

Possible price and release date of cheap OnePlus Z revealed

If everything goes as we expect it will be cool!

When will OnePlus Z come out

About a month ago, we doubted that an inexpensive OnePlus would be at all. Now we are talking about the fact that it will appear almost exactly in a month. This is how everything changes in the world of smartphones and the companies that produce them.

If you believe the fresh rumors that the guys from Android Central have published, the new product will be released on July 10 this year. This date has already flashed in previous rumors, but the excess of its confirmation should indicate that it will be so.

Additionally, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau added fuel to the fire. In May of this year, he stated in an interview that the company is looking for opportunities to release an affordable phone. This gave rise to even more rumors that the new product will still be. Moreover, after the interview, on one of the OnePlus streams, a device flashed, which is similar to the one that was leaked at the time, OnePlus 8 Lite, as many thought it would be called.

OnePlus Z Price

It is interesting that the smartphone will first be released only in India, and little is known about further distribution plans, but no one will interfere with getting this smartphone to someone who really wants it. Especially considering the low price, which, according to the leak, will be only 25,000 rupees (approximately $ 300 or 21,000 rubles).

Possible price and release date of cheap OnePlus Z revealed

This smartphone is waiting for many.

In other markets, the price can go up to $ 400. Even such a price tag would be a great option against the background of the brand's top devices, the price of which tends to $ 1,000.

The release of new items at such a price would be as logical as possible to complement the lineup of the new OnePlus strategy and its product line. It should include inexpensive Bullets Wireless Z headphones, an entry-level smart TV, and the OnePlus Z.

What will OnePlus Z be

The specs are rumored to include a Snapdragon 765 chipset, a 90Hz Super AMOLED display, and a versatile camera that includes a 48MP main sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide sensor and a separate macro camera. If everything goes as the leak tells us, the OnePlus Z or OnePlus 8 Lite (if they suddenly call it that) will compete very well with Xiaomi and Realme.

Why OnePlus Z will start selling in India

OnePlus dominates the premium smartphone segment in India, but the bulk of sales in that country and globally continues to be in the fast-growing affordable mid-range segment. Considering the Indian market, this segment can provide sales of tens and even hundreds of millions of units. The market can become simply bottomless.

That is why, given the Indian love for OnePlus in general, it is worth trying to impose competition on other Chinese brands in the $ 300-500 range. You can even compete with the second generation iPhone SE, which is also loved all over the world, and which starts at $ 400 for the base version with 64 GB of memory.

Possible price and release date of cheap OnePlus Z revealed

In terms of price, this unit will compete well with the iPhone SE of the second generation.

Why phones are so expensive

I have already said that sometimes one gets the feeling that companies have recently been creating expensive phones not in order to make a cash register on them, but in order to better sell affordable models. For example, Samsung has released an expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra, which costs about twice the price of the base version of this line. At the same time, the differences for the average person are mainly only in the camera.

The camera won't be as good as it costs. For this money, you can buy a separate SLR or system camera. But it seems to me that the task of the Ultra version is to show customers its premium quality. Seeing this, even choosing between three times cheaper smartphones of different brands, buyers will choose Samsung.

Apparently, OnePlus chose the same path, releasing more expensive models of the eighth family than ever before, but holding a trump card in the form of an affordable model in its sleeve. Now that conversations have subsided and technology fans are used to such a price, you can, in contrast, roll out the version for 350-400 dollars and get a standing ovation.

Let me remind you that last time such a model outside the main lineup came out five years ago and was called OnePlus X. It was affordable, but still decent, like other models of the brand that was starting its way at that time.

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