Why do I recommend installing the latest Telegram update

Telegram has released a new version of the messenger of the same name for Android, which received the serial number 6.0. Despite the fact that this is a very large-scale update, its key innovation is support for folders, which allow you to group different chats in the way that suits you. I tested this feature even before the official release, joining the Telegram beta testing program for iOS a couple of weeks ago, and am ready to tell you how it changed my life for the better. Perhaps it will change yours too.

Why do I recommend installing the latest Telegram update

Telegram has become more convenient. Maybe not for everyone, but for me for sure

Let's start with how Telegram folders are cross-platform. That is, if you sort chats and channels that you are subscribed to by iOS, they will automatically appear both on Android and on the desktop. This is convenient for me, but some of my friends who tested the innovation said that they would prefer Telegram to allow different folders to be created on each device.

How to enable folders in Telegram on Android

  • Open the context menu and go to 'Settings';
  • Here go to the 'Folders' tab;

Why do I recommend installing the latest Telegram update Why do I recommend installing the latest Telegram update

  • Click 'Create new folder', name it, and then add the desired chats and exclude unnecessary ones;

Why do I recommend installing the latest Telegram update Why do I recommend installing the latest Telegram update

  • Return to the page with chats and switch between them by swiping to the left or right;
  • If you need to change the location of folders, click on one of them and hold your finger until the context menu appears, then click 'Rearrange' and drag the folders as you need.

I made four folders for myself: personal, work, unread and feeds. Due to the fact that Telegram is a working tool for me, along with a text editor, which I use all day. Because of this, it was really difficult for me to deal with incoming message streams, of which in an hour or two of working on a new article I could have accumulated up to a hundred. As a result, I had to scroll through all the chats and look for the important among them. However, when I distinguished between chats, groups and channels, it became really easier for me to handle correspondence.

How to group messages in Telegram

Now, instead of flipping through the endless list of chats, groups and channels, of which I really have a lot, I got the opportunity to see everything I missed at the top. This allowed me to change the approach to communication in the messenger. First of all, I look at work messages, then – personal, then – unread (messages from public chats Apple Insider.ru, Android Insider.ru usually get into other folders there. and Hi-News, which you can also subscribe to), and last but not least, when there is a free minute and there are no other things to do, I go to channels about politics: Rise, Mash, aavst, etc. After all, now I have everything before my eyes.

But Renat Grishin, editor-in-chief Android Insider.ru did not approve of the innovation, because the Telegram developers did not implement the grouping function as he expected. According to him, he expected that the read messages will be removed from the folders after reading them. Now this only happens in the Unread folder. However, he notes, this loses the meaning of grouping, because if there are a lot of chats or channels in a folder, then you still have to flip through them, and because of this, the convenience of using them comes to naught.

I liked the innovation, but I cannot but agree with Renat. Perhaps it would really be nice if the Telegram developers added to the messenger the ability to activate automatic deletion of groups and chats from folders after reading them, since, apparently, many users were waiting for this. But, again, I am satisfied with the current implementation, because it made my life better and more convenient and so. Therefore, I recommend that you try everything yourself and only after that draw conclusions.

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