What is the lightest modern smartphone in the world made of?

Yes, if the Palm phone can be called the lightest in the world, then you are right, we have chosen not the gadget that we are ready to talk about right now. But it should be understood that the Palm phone is just an additional device that will become a companion to the main device. We will not deceive you or us, and will tell you really about the lightest and at the same time the thinnest modern smartphone in the world at the moment. In addition, it is interesting not only for this, but also for the materials of the case.

What is the lightest modern smartphone in the world made of?

What is the world's lightest smartphone made of?

It's about the Carbon 1 Mk II . The device was developed by Carbon Mobile, a German company. And, you guessed it, the phone is made of carbon fiber.

What is carbon?

Carbon is carbon fiber. The material is made from interwoven strands of carbon fiber. It is distinguished by high strength, rigidity and low weight. Carbon is stronger than steel, but much lighter. In terms of specific characteristics, it surpasses high-strength steel.

The only drawback of carbon can be considered poor thermal conductivity. This, in turn, makes it impossible to use this material as a basis for the skeleton of a phone case. The processor needs to give off heat to the materials that conduct it so that the smartphone does not overheat under load. That is why the Carbon 1 Mk II is more of a carbon outer shell, while the internal components are made of different materials.

What is the lightest modern smartphone in the world made of?

Carbon 1 Mk II features a carbon body

The phone weighs only 125 grams and is 6.3 millimeters thick. Our colleagues from androidauthority have already managed to use the gadget. “When you use the device, it seems that there is some important part missing in it,” was the impression made on them by the Carbon 1 Mk II. The phone is really very light, despite the fact that the screen is 6 inches diagonal. By the way, the screen here is made using technology AMOLED, the processor in the device MediaTek P90, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and 128 gigabytes of built-in memory.

The phone is equipped with a dual 16-megapixel camera and a 20-megapixel front, the bezels in the Mk II, as you can see, are large enough for 2020, but they even seem unusual, the angular screen, surprisingly, even attracts. And now, after some time with modern phones, I'm not averse to using a device with a regular display – all these rounds and cutouts seem to be not very effective in terms of using usable space.

Let's compare the weight of the phone with modern flagships. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, introduced on February 11, weighs 222 grams, and iPhone 11,194 grams, and this despite the fact that the screen diagonal iPhone is 6.1 inches, which is almost identical to 6 inches Mk II. In addition, due to the lack of cutouts and angular screen, MK II will offer the user more usable space.

Battery capacity of the lightest and thinnest smartphone today

What is the lightest modern smartphone in the world made of?

Android 10 out of the box and thin bezels by 2017 standards

The Carbon 1 MK II weighs in at 125 grams and is 6.3 mm thick and offers a 3050 mAh battery, which I think is a decent result. Together with AMOLED, you can count on a day of active use. Out of the box, the phone runs on Android 10, and its nice feature in terms of thickness can be the presence of a special Gorilla Glass 6 with a thickness of 0.4 millimeters. The glass manufacturer has made a special version for this unit. For example, a standard safety glass has a thickness of 0.6-0.8 millimeters.

Most maintainable smartphone?

This is not the only thing that makes the Mk II great. It has excellent maintainability and the manufacturer expects the phone to score 9 out of 10 in the iFixit test.

Price and start of sales of Carbon 1 Mk II

What is the lightest modern smartphone in the world made of?

Carbon 1 Mk II

Sales of the device will start in late spring or summer this year at a price of 799 euros. Of course, such a price tag will seem too high to many, but, on the contrary, it is not bad considering that this is a young company, and it is quite difficult to release a device today when you are not sure about its future. Not every Chinese electronics manufacturer agrees to produce small batches, and if they do, they do it for a lot of money, which is why Carbon is so expensive. And the issue of using a not entirely relevant processor here, in my opinion, concerns precisely the problems with the number of supplies. Probably, this option made it possible to make the cost acceptable for Europeans.

Carbon Fiber Phones

For example, I do not know such devices, but I remember the Razr I, which I used until it was stolen from me. Probably, someone thought its Kevlar body was very premium. It will be a shame when they find out that I bought it on Aliexpress for only 5 thousand rubles. The phone offered really premium materials for this money, and I still wonder why manufacturers abandoned such solutions, because even in the hands of such a device it feels good.

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