Where are the files downloaded to the Android phone?

Downloads By default, all files that you download on the Internet are saved to the Download folder. But you can also change the settings for each application manually or set to save files only to the SD memory card – to save space.

  1. To find the downloaded files from your phone, open Explorer and go to the Downloads folder. Download folder
  2. If the folder structure is shown in Explorer, open the Download folder. Download folder
  3. To configure where the files will be downloaded in the Chrome browser, go to the browser settings (the ellipsis icon at the top right) -> Downloaded files. And here we set up where the files will be uploaded, you can select a memory card to save space on the phone. Where to download files
  4. In a standard browser: Settings -> Additional settings -> Downloads folder. Downloads folder
  5. Files transferred by Bluetooth can be found like this: go to general Settings -> Bluetooth -> Received files (icon at the top right). Alternatively, looking through the folder structure, locate the “Bluetooth” folder in the phone's root folder system. Sometimes the transferred files are saved in the “Download” folder.

By default, all downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder, unless, of course, you manually change the settings for each application.

Video how to find files transferred by Bluetooth

  • Where files transferred via Bluetooth to Android are stored

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