Smartphone charging technology is ready in 15 minutes! When to wait and why it's good

This morning, before leaving the house, I noticed that I had only 11 percent of the charge left on my phone. “There will be no music, no work chats, a couple of rounds in Call Of Duty, if you have a free minute,” I thought. But my phone charges fast enough and the problem can be solved. As a result, I charged it by about 40 percent in 20 minutes and was proud of myself, but a little later I read the news that now it will be possible to charge smartphones many times faster, and even in less time I could reach 100 percent of the charge. This is a really bright future that was worth striving for and which, it seems, is already coming.

Smartphone charging technology is ready in 15 minutes!  When to wait and why it's good

Fast charging is much more interesting than a large battery. What do you think?

Wireless charging, fast charging, large battery

I've been using wireless charging for about a couple of years now. My sites are scattered everywhere, including my office desk, my home desk, my bedroom and living room. What I love about this charging method is that I can just put or put my phone on it and it will charge while I’m not using it. As a result, my phone is almost always in the range of 70 to 100 percent of the charge, and this is very convenient.

This time I just actively used it the day before and did not put it where I needed it. And he sat down. If I had a more capacious battery, it would have sat down anyway, albeit a little less. But the phone would weigh much more, it would be thicker and would not be so pleasing to the eye and the hand that holds it.

That is why, unlike many others, including in our Telegram chat, I heat for fast charging, and not for increasing the size of the battery. Modern batteries are enough for a day, or even two, but charging them for several hours is already the day before yesterday.

You can make a battery with a capacity of 100500 mAh, but everyone will still charge it when it almost runs out. Whether it's a matter of 10-15 minutes to get a charge for 1-2 days. Kaif for everyone who does not live in the forest, going out to people once a week.

How fast can you charge your phone

At the moment, it is considered a good indicator if it turns out to charge the smartphone 100 percent in 30-35 minutes. At the same time, the charging speed is usually non-linear and strongly depends on how much the battery is already infected. The less energy it contains, the faster it charges. That is why some manufacturers are cunning and write that the smartphone charges 50 percent, for example, in 30 minutes.

This makes the customer think that it will fully charge in twice as long, but this is not the case. As a rule, the second half of the energy often takes one and a half to two times more time. As a result, we have about an hour and a half to a full battery in this case.

Smartphone charging technology is ready in 15 minutes!  When to wait and why it's good

With the new technology, the battery will charge much faster.

The real flagships in fast charging are BBK companies such as OPPO, OnePlus and Vivo. They offer their Vooc, Dash and Iqoo. This time, the revolution again flew in from roughly this direction.

Oppo and the Iqoo brand from Vivo announced 120W + charging technology today, nearly doubling the speed of 65W of technology found among the fastest chargers to date.

New charging technology

In the morning, OPPO published only naked news, and Vivo has already done everything more thoroughly and posted a special video on Weibo, which clearly showed how its new technology works. The video shows us what to expect from a phone with a 4000mAh battery. Just imagine it charged 100 percent in less than 15 minutes.

Smartphone charging technology is ready in 15 minutes!  When to wait and why it's good

Very fast! Very!

In addition to the fact that the maximum charge is accumulated in such a short time, you can notice what I said above – at first the battery charges even faster. It reaches fifty percent in about five minutes, and eighty percent in ten minutes. Well, the total charging time, if rounded up, was fifteen minutes. Fantastic, to be honest.

When will really fast charging appear?

We have already seen a demonstration of this technology, when we were shown adapters for 100 and 120 W from Xiaomi and the same Vivo. Then it was all what is called “pitchfork on the water”, but now everything is much better. Iqoo confirmed that the technology is not only already developed, but also ready for mass use. That is, at least it has passed all tests in laboratories and is ready to be installed in users' smartphones. If this is true, then there are literally several months left to wait for it, and any major announcement Vivo or OPPO can bring us good news. Who knows, maybe even OnePlus 8T, if it does, will get something like that.

Smartphone charging technology is ready in 15 minutes!  When to wait and why it's good

120 watts and flew

The only thing to fear for now is the premature wear of the batteries, which are charged with such a high current. Although, most likely, this is achieved by distributing the load on different battery segments and nothing like this should be. Neither should there be dangerous ignition situations that sometimes occur.

Such charges will be especially relevant with the arrival of 5G, which will consume the battery more than the current networks. Even if large volumes are needed, it will already be a matter of time. It is not difficult to build up the battery capacity, and the new technology took time and now we have it. I can't wait to try it out. And you?

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