What is the link between smartphone radiation and thyroid cancer

I think many of our readers remember the times when cell phones were just becoming the norm and were no longer the size of a concrete block, but smartphones were not even in the project yet. Then it was customary to wear them in a leather purse at the waist. This method of transportation was not only convenient, but also safe, because no one canceled the negative effect of radiation that affects potency. For this reason, those who wore telephones around their necks were generally considered kamikazes, who, in order to show off their wealth, were ready to carry Chernobyl in miniature under their hearts. Now, of course, no one believes in these stories for a long time. Maybe in vain?

What is the link between smartphone radiation and thyroid cancer

Smartphones may not be as secure as is commonly believed

Scientists at the Yale School of Public Health have found that radiation from smartphones can trigger thyroid cancer in people with a genetic predisposition. As part of the study, scientists examined more than 900 Connecticut residents with single nucleotide polymorphism (a special genome mutation) and found that their active use of smartphones increased their risk of developing cancer by two times from baseline. The reason this happens is due to the radiation generated by smartphones.

Can a smartphone provoke cancer?

What is the link between smartphone radiation and thyroid cancer

Smartphone can trigger thyroid cancer. True, there is not much evidence for this.

“Our study offers evidence that genetic predisposition has a direct link between heavy cell phone use and thyroid cancer. Of course, to reach definitive conclusions, more research is needed with a wider audience of subjects to study the susceptibility of radio frequency radiation using various models of cell phones, 'explained Yavei Zhang, professor at the Yale School of Public Health.

According to the professor, he and his team were able to identify some relationship between genetic mutation and the radiation of smartphones, which can cause cancer. Another thing is that there is no irrefutable evidence of influence either. Still, it is rather difficult to conduct relevant research outside the genetic laboratory, studying the human genome. In addition, scientists preferred to do without any specifics regarding the strength of the radiation exposure provoked by smartphones and how actively they need to be used to provoke cancer.

Is smartphone radiation dangerous?

Today in medicine there is no clear understanding of what effect smartphones can have on the human body. But despite this, it is also not entirely correct to hope that the radiation is absolutely harmless. Therefore, in such situations, it is better to play it safe and try to keep the time of using mobile gadgets to a minimum, especially if the smartphone has a high SAR. What it is and how it works, we talked about in a separate article.

However, a reservation must be made here. I do not urge you to give up smartphones, turn off all wireless interfaces and talk to your interlocutors only on the speakerphone, just not to lean the device against your body. It will be superfluous. But if you have the opportunity not to stare at the screen once more, scrolling through the Instagram or Twitter feed, perhaps it is better to take advantage of this opportunity. And if you are not able to control yourself on your own, install some kind of parental control application. It will calculate how much time you have spent with the gadget and, if necessary, block frequently used programs.

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