What is AppValley and how to install AppValley to Android

On Android, unlike iOS, there have never been any direct prohibitions on the use of third-party sources to download software. It is logical that users were free to download anything, from anywhere, without much knowledge of the security of downloaded applications. This often led to Trojans, spies, and miners infiltrating devices under the guise of benign programs. Therefore, over time, alternative application directories began to appear for Android, whose owners seemed to vouch for the quality of the proposed software, although it was often added there absolutely illegally. AppValley is a great example of this.

What is AppValley and how to install AppValley to Android

AppValley is an alternate app directory for Android

Recently, many users, probably taught by example Huawei, have become interested in the topic of alternative app stores. Therefore, one of the most popular searches on Google on this topic is 'What is AppValley'. Users actually became interested to know what the Google Play analogs are, how they work, how they differ from Google's own catalog and, quite logically, why they are better than Google Play, which is served to us as the only correct and safe store. Let's figure it out.

What is AppValley

What is AppValley and how to install AppValley to Android

AppValley is a very controversial thing, and I would definitely not use it

To begin with, AppValley is a full-fledged catalog of applications for Android, which you can even install on your smartphone in order to download software from there, bypassing the download of APK files. As a result, the program will be installed directly, as if you downloaded it from Google Play. True, a little clarification needs to be made here. While AppValley offers a premium subscription plan for $ 25 a year, promising faster downloads and automatic cache clearing, keep in mind that the software here is unofficial. That is, the developers are not aware that their applications are hosted on this site.

And this is quite dangerous. Not only are there no guarantees that this software will be updated at all, but you can also modify it as you like, without warning users about it. This means, in theory, they can be slipped not even with a real application, but with some malicious fake.

This is indicated by a large number of hacked and modified applications. These are Spotify No Ads, which offers access to a streaming service without ads or subscriptions, and Instagram ++, which includes custom tools for downloading publications to your device, and WhatsApp ++, for which I never succeeded. sort out. In a word, game. But here, if you may say so, the features of AppValley do not end there, because before installing it, you should know something else.

How to install AppValley

  • Launch your browser and go to appvalley.vip or just click on the link;
  • In the window that opens, select the Install button;

What is AppValley and how to install AppValley to Android

AppValley cannot be installed on any smartphone due to version restrictions Android

  • Wait for the profile to finish downloading and confirm the installation;
  • Launch AppValley and download the required software from there.

AppValley is not installed

AppValley does not seem to support all versions Android, because it could not be installed on my Honor View 20 with Android 10. As I managed to find out, it's all about the version of the operating system, because the directory so far only works with Android no higher than version 9.0. Therefore, if your smartphone meets this requirement, you can install AppValley without any problem.

For those who are faced with the same problem as me, there is an option to download applications directly from the site as APK files. It's not as convenient as direct installation, but if you are looking for hacked or modified versions of applications, especially for free, then please. To do this, go to the WebApp section and download everything you need from there.

What to download in AppValley

What is AppValley and how to install AppValley to Android

AppValley has a terrifyingly varied assortment

Another thing is that finding something in AppValley that could be useful is still the same task. The search in the catalog works very badly, either not giving any results at all, or giving out some unimaginable nonsense in the form of hacking mods instead of the applications and games you are looking for. In addition, the perception is spoiled by the lack of any control from the developers and the huge number of duplicates. For example, I was able to find four versions of Spotify at once, none of which, as you can imagine, was official. It's just that each next one is needed to replace the previous one if it doesn't work.

Should I install AppValley

Should you use AppValley? Of course not. If you want to fill your smartphone with all sorts of junk that has probably not been tested for safety yet, you are welcome. After all, you will not find anything else here. I don't understand at all who might need to download mods for Subway Surfer or Temple Run, not to mention the fact that usually this kind of toolkit is searched for on specialized portals like XDA, where the search is better implemented and in which there is much more trust than to this trash.

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