How to make ugly phone cameras look pretty

Only one person seems to me that the cameras of modern smartphones are made ugly? They bulge, they are square, they are large, they look like the eyes of a mutated spider. This is especially true for flagships, for which it is not enough just to place 2-3 modules in a row and calm down on this. They need to prove to the whole world that everything is “faster, higher, stronger.” Additionally, this led to another problem. Against the background of the flagships, smartphone cameras, which were normal before, now look somehow scanty. There is no golden mean and there is a feeling that there will be no more. The camera is the main determinant of design, but it will never be beautiful again. Although, wait … There is one concept. Apparently, this is the flagship, which will be released in a month and will be able to stand out from the rest.

How to make ugly phone cameras look pretty

What will the new camera be LG?

Why do phone cameras stick out?

Some time ago I already answered this question in great detail and gave examples of technologies that are found in cameras. Let me remind you briefly now.

In order for a smartphone camera to take good pictures, it must have a large sensor. The quality of images is determined not by the number of megapixels, but by the physical size of the matrix.

The objective lenses must be “attached” to the matrix. The larger the sensor is, the larger this lens is. As a result, its thickness becomes 6-7 mm. Considering that the thickness of the smartphone is already 7-8 mm, of which 2-3 mm is “eaten” by the thickness of the screen and the body, there is simply not enough space for the camera. As a result, it sticks out.

True, many manufacturers use small matrices and can fit everything in the case, but they try to be like “adults”. As a result, we have the ugliness that we have. Until recently, I thought that there would be no end and end, but a ray of hope has appeared.

In general, LG has problems that need to be addressed. Trying to understand why the company's sales are falling

How to make your phone camera beautiful

There are only two things you need to make your phone camera beautiful. To rethink the approach to it and slightly change the design. Rethinking is about refusing to follow others. We must offer our options. Let them be different and may not be as popular. But they can, on the contrary, shoot because people are tired of standards.

The design change is that you can stop making the platform for the camera. Now they are all located like on a platform. We must abandon it and place cameras on the body. LG are ready to try it.

Beautiful phone

It is very pleasant when someone tries to come up with something new. For example, even if there is no desire to buy a foldable smartphone, I am glad that they began to make them. Even if they are still of terrible quality, they constantly break and stand like honor and valor, but this is at least something new. There is nothing new in cameras for a long time. At first, the blocks of modules grew in length, then “burst” in width. What's next? Apart from the Nokia 9, which was a separate ugliness, although different from the rest, nothing new happened in the design.

Now LG have decided to offer their vision of a new camera design. In the images that surfaced (in a good way) on the web, you can see the new minimalist design of an unknown smartphone that has not yet been released. The updated design is inspired by the 'natural world' and includes what the company calls the 'Raindrop Camera Module'.

How to make ugly phone cameras look pretty

I would like such a smartphone, would you?

Unlike the huge square and rectangular camera bumps we see on phones today, the design LG actually looks nice. The back of the mystery phone has a triple camera array accompanied by an LED flash. The arrangement of cameras in decreasing order of size resembles a falling raindrop.

You can see that the main camera is slightly raised, while the other two are flush with the phone body.

New phone LG

The new phone is named '3D Arc'. This mainly refers to the curved edges at the front and back, very similar to the waterfall screens we've seen lately, but which never resonate in the hearts and minds of users. It would be more correct to say that they found a response, but the connoisseurs of everything new quickly lost their liking. It is too futuristic and inconvenient to use. Remember at least Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

“This phone will be the first glimpse of the competitive advantage we will be offering every smartphone LG in the future,” said Cha Yoon-Duk, head of the Mobile Communications Design Lab LG in a press release. .

How to make ugly phone cameras look pretty

Such minimalism can only be welcomed.

It's too early to talk about what the new phone will look like LG, but I sincerely hope that it will not change much relative to what we see now, and it will be pleasantly different from the too technogenic modern smartphones. At the moment, I see the novelty as something fresh. Like an ocean view after wandering among the skyscrapers. If at least part of what I have drawn comes true, I will be very happy.

There is no certainty about what the new product will be called yet, but there is an opinion that this will be a new flagship line. The company will abandon the G-series, which is already fed up with everyone and has ceased to arouse public interest. The introduction of the new premium line fits well with the company's new business strategy, which it has been following recently.

New phone specifications LG

In terms of specs, the new premium phones LG are expected to be fifth generation networking and powered by Qualcomm processors. It is very likely that it will be Snapdragon 76 5G. The same processor may well replace the eighth dragon series in the Google Pixel 5.

The episode is rumored to air on May 15th. There is no official confirmation of the launch date yet. But as soon as something becomes known, we will definitely share information in our Telegram chat.

For now, let's just discuss the new design in the comments. How long have you wanted something new? And did they want to at all or are you happy with everything?

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