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Android Perhaps rebooting a mobile device is the most extreme way to solve various types of problems. There are a number of situations where it is simply impossible to do without it. It is for this purpose that the Reboot Menu Widget is used, the program for rebooting Android.

Why is Android freezing? There may be several answers. These are mechanical problems (overheating of the hardware platform), and software problems (errors in the source code of applications), and an incorrectly implemented algorithm for accessing device resources, and even an incorrect allocation of RAM between the program and applications.

In any case, restarting Android is one of the solutions to the problems described above. So, let's install Reboot Menu Widget on your tablet or smartphone and start understanding how it works.

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Installing the Reboot Menu Widget App

The process of downloading the program is very trivial and practically does not differ from the already familiar algorithm for obtaining installation files in the operating environment Android.

Therefore, just go to the address on the developer's page in the Google Play store and select the “Install” item. The application will ask for permission to grant certain rights in the system.

Installing the app Installing the app

We agree by clicking the “Accept” button in the pop-up window and waiting for the installation to complete. In a few moments, the application will complete the installation process and place its shortcut in the main menu of the mobile device.

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Configuring the Reboot Menu Widget Application

We launch the program. This little script just needs superuser rights to work well. We agree.

Superuser rights Superuser rights

At this point, it is worth drawing your attention to the mediocre localization of the application. This fact does not particularly affect the functionality, but nevertheless it brings some inconvenience for an ordinary user. We hope that in the next releases the developer will fix this flaw.

We continue to understand the intricacies of the Reboot Menu Widget. We go to the application settings. As the name of the program suggests, the main mode of the script is the screen widget.

Program settings Program settings

In the parameters, you can define both its appearance and the size that it will occupy on the virtual desktop.

Extra options Extra options

In the same menu, the developers provide the user with the ability to choose between several preset themes for displaying the restart menu and the main widget of the program.

Choosing a color theme Choosing a color theme

If your gadget belongs to the family of mobile devices from Samsung and HTC, then we advise you to pay close attention to the following Reboot Menu Widget options. They will help you fix specific problems. In particular, an incorrect restart of the operating system Android.

Select device model Select device model

Well, at the very end of the settings menu there are items responsible for the lines that will be displayed in the application's pop-up window.

Pop-up settings Popup customization

Check only the actions you need, do not clutter the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

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Using the Reboot Menu Widget App

We have examined in detail the setting of the program parameters. Now it's time to test the application in work. Place the Reboot Menu Widget on the desktop of the mobile device.

Desktop widget Desktop widget

We activate the script by clicking on the widget. An updated reboot menu will appear.

Running the program Running the program

The most common action will usually be at the top of the list. For example, in the screenshot below, the most popular menu item is “Restart” (or “Reset” in earlier versions of the program). We select it. The application will ask for confirmation of the action being performed and will restart the mobile device.

Reboot confirmation Reboot confirmation

We hope that after reading the article, you learned how to restart Android on a tablet or smartphone.

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