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VPN for Android VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network. The term denotes the technology of a method for creating a data transmission network that allows you to encrypt the transmitted information in a special way to preserve the privacy of the user. Using VPN services, you can set the virtual position of the computer, which is different from the real one (for example, you are sitting in Crimea, and you use a VPN in Germany to work with Google). Such technology allows the user to remain unrecognized while traveling on the worldwide network, bypass the bans on visiting prohibited sites and watching movies online, downloading content and using other advantages.

For example, if there is a restriction on video viewing in your country, then via VPN you can set the location of another country (Canada, America, etc.), where this video is freely available. The server receives a signal from a computer with an IP that belongs to a specific country and gives the user access to the necessary data.

During the construction of a secure VPN network, several machines are used to recode the signal and create the necessary digital fingerprints

How VPN works

A private virtual network consists of two parts:

  • An internal network that is controlled in a special way.
  • An external network that allows you to receive information and exchange data.

During a call to the server, the request processing speed can drop significantly. This is due to the fact that the information received from the user first goes to the internal server, goes through several stages of processing to hide traces, and only then goes to the address responding to the request. After receiving data from the Internet, the cycle repeats in the reverse order.

Error 403 in Play Store

One of the most common errors that occurs when downloading applications to the Play Store is error 403.

Error 403

The appearance of such a message on the screen means that:

  1. The cache of some applications or the Play Market is full.
  2. The provider blocks access to the application for its own reasons.
  3. Google restricts the ability to install the program in some countries and regions.

There are several ways to deal with this problem:

  • Clearing the Play Market cache. You need to go to the list of installed applications, select Google Play Market and click the 'wipe data' and 'clear cache' button. The same procedure should be carried out with the download manager. Clear Play Store cache
  • To troubleshoot the blocking error, use the VPN app.

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VPN for Crimea

By turning to the Google Play Store, the user will find a lot of offers.

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Secure VPN (Globus)

Secure VPN

Easy to use application. All work is determined by the main screen. The user only has to press one button to establish or terminate the VPN connection. Among the settings, you can select the donor country for the IP.

Secure VPN Secure VPN Download QR-Code Secure VPN Developer: Signal Lab Price: Free back to content

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN

The program is easy to use and provides a free VPN server to protect your data. There is also a choice of country for cloning an IP address. During the call, the user's actions are accompanied by an animated child with a hammer.

Thunder VPN - Fast, Free VPN Proxy Thunder VPN - Fast, Free VPN Proxy Download QR-Code Thunder VPN – Fast, Free VPN Proxy Developer: Signal Lab Price: Free to content

Hola Free VPN Proxy

Hola Free VPN Proxy

The program is distributed free of charge. Among the functionality is the choice of a country for creating a “fake” IP and the ability to set a separate country for each site. Connecting and breaking is done simply from the main screen.

Hola Free VPN Proxy Hola Free VPN Proxy Download QR-Code Hola Free VPN Proxy Developer: Hola VPN Ltd. Price: Free to content



Control is carried out from the main screen through one button. Among the features is not only the choice of countries for address emulation, but also the ability to select the application that will use the VPN connection in operation.

Orbot Proxy bundled with Tor Orbot Proxy bundled with Tor Download QR-Code Orbot Proxy bundled with Tor Developer: The Tor Project Price: Free back to content

Anon VPN Pro

Anon VPN Pro

The application is also created for user anonymity. In the menu, you can select a country to simulate the location or do it on the map, which indicates the location of the servers. The user has access to information about the current IP, the reconnection button in the event of a break and some other functions.

Anon VPN Pro Anon VPN Pro Download QR-Code Anon VPN Pro Developer: TechFantasy Technologies Price: Free

VPN applications are designed to create a secure connection through linked servers. The user can access information prohibited in his country by changing the location indicators of the computer. The use of additional servers allows you to hide traces of activity on the Internet, which is protection from being tracked by hackers or other interested parties (protection is not 100%).

VPN connection is suitable for users who prefer to use the world wide web safely.

If you are afraid to use free VPNs, buy paid, non-spammed and fast ones with simultaneous connection of several devices (in the case of buying a dedicated ip-address). From myself, I can recommend proxies from Fornex, NordVPN.

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