Blurred consciousness? Phone for $ 1,000 from Motorola.

For me personally Motorola this is a very strange subject. He seems to be, but it seems not. Of course, I know about her existence and even used her smartphones when they got to the test. At one time, I even had the legendary RAZR V3. Then I could understand why it costs so much, but now some actions of this brand lead me into a stupor and cause, at least, a sharp misunderstanding. The company is already doing badly and needs to change something in its behavior, but it stubbornly continues to tread the rake and every time releases more and more expensive smartphones. For example, now we are on the verge of a new device with a price tag of $ 1,000. Maybe I don't understand something and it is actually worth its money? Let's try to figure it out, maybe you can tell me something.

Blurred consciousness?  Phone for $ 1,000 from Motorola.

It looks beautiful, but Motorola …

How much does a modern phone cost

In the articles that came out on our site, I have already smeared with a generous layer the fact that companies are vying to release very expensive devices this year. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Huawei P40 Pro Plus … All of this costs a lot more than $ 1,000. Even turning to OnePlus, I want to say: “Where are you climbing?”. And all because of the price tag, which this Chinese brand has also already reached a four-digit number.

The issue of price is especially acute against the background of the collapse of the global economy, massive layoffs around the world and a pandemic that makes people stay at home. What kind of flagships are there? Our editor-in-chief Renat Grishin even wrote a separate analytical article on the topic that flagship smartphones are no longer needed by anyone.

I fully subscribe to this opinion and believe that something must be done with the situation, at least temporarily. But manufacturers don't want to back down. In this regard, I had hope for Google, which, according to rumors, should abandon the flagship processor in the new Google Pixel 5 in favor of almost the same performance, but significantly cheaper, Qualcomm Snapdragon 76 5G. As a result, this will have the most positive effect on the price.

New phone Motorola

Let's lower the degree a little and say that the smartphone that caused my indignation has not yet come out. The event is supposed to take place tonight, but the specs that are shown to us the day before correspond in almost a hundred percent of cases to what we see at the event itself. This is how this world works – if the specs have flowed away, then the right ones have flowed away. If no one knows them, they simply do not exist.

Motorola is hosting an online event on April 22nd at 12:00 PM ET (7:00 PM ET) and it looks like the company will be announcing a new flagship called Edge Plus at the event. Information about this appeared on the Droid Life blog. The information confirms many of the rumors about the phone that have been leaked earlier.

Preview Specs Motorola Edge Plus

Above, I have already mentioned a completely, in my opinion, inadequate price tag, but what for that kind of money will be in a new device? From the looks of it, the Motorola Edge Plus will have a 6.7-inch OLED FHD + display with 1080p resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. Previous leaks have shown that the screen will have rounded edges. They will be active and will enable various functions to be called. If you don't need features, you can turn off the edges.

Blurred consciousness?  Phone for $ 1,000 from Motorola.

It seems to me that even with all the good things, this smartphone does not pull 1,000 dollars.

The new flagship Motorola will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, have 256GB of internal storage, 12GB of RAM (LPDDR5) and a 5000mAh battery. The main camera will have three modules with a resolution of 108 Mp (wide), 16 Mp (super wide) and 8 Mp (telephoto). The front camera will receive a 25-megapixel sensor. The phone is also rumored to receive Bluetooth 5.1 support and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

I will only add one thing here. All the same is in the OnePlus 8 Pro. It even starts to seem to me that I was in vain talking about him. Perhaps its price is not so high, even if Motorola is more expensive, but it does not have a 120Hz screen and the famous fast charging (including wireless).

What manufacturers are thinking, I cannot say. It seems to me that they have simply lost touch with reality. Let's see how their smartphones will be sold, but so far I have no feeling that they will report high sales.

In place Motorola it would be more correct to do the opposite. Follow the path you chose Realme X2 Pro. He was able to attract attention with a low price and top-end hardware. So it was necessary to do and Motorola. Instead of trying to surprise everyone with the price, it was necessary to shrink and release a smartphone that would kill all competitors with a low price. In the end, as practice shows, with $ 1,000 for a phone, customers are more likely to go for iPhone – certainly not for Motorola.

Where can I buy a new one Motorola

Edge Plus, like many of the brand's other models, will be exclusive to Verizon in the US. It is difficult to say whether the unlocked version will be available for free sale. If not, then “It's a fiasco, bro.” Such a price tag and limiting distribution will not lead to anything good.

I would not like to repeat myself again, but we all really hope that Motorola knows what he is doing. Only in this way does she have a chance of salvation. Otherwise, we will have two famous outsiders – Nokia and Motorola.

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