Samsung unveils super-rugged Galaxy S20 for the military

I think many of our readers remember the mid-2000s, when phones were not yet as smart as they are today, but at the same time they could boast of truly outstanding appearance. Not to say that the design chosen by the manufacturers was always successful, but one way or another, the devices of those years looked definitely more interesting than the present ones. However, if you think about it, it becomes clear that it is quite difficult to play on the design of a device in which the entire front panel is occupied by the screen, and half of the rear is occupied by the camera lens. But nothing is impossible for Samsung.

Samsung unveils super-rugged Galaxy S20 for the military

This is the tactical version of the Galaxy S20. Why is it needed, only Samsung knows

Samsung has presented a secure version of the flagship Galaxy S20 with a clarifying postscript Tactical Edition. The company promises that this smartphone, unlike the original, can be used not only in peacetime, but also in wartime. Despite the fact that internally this is the same Galaxy S20 with a 6.2-inch display, Snapdragon 865 processor and 12 GB of RAM, on the outside it is rather difficult to recognize the original model. Korean designers packed it in a sturdy case, which they called Jaggernaut, designed to withstand the most serious loads.

Secure phone at Android

Samsung unveils super-rugged Galaxy S20 for the military

Samsung claims the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is needed by the military

Why do you need such a smartphone? Well, Samsung assures that it will come in handy for the military, who, in the context of special operations, cannot stay in touch, because ordinary smartphones are too fragile and unreliable. However, the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is not only a secure communication tool, but also an auxiliary tool. The device has a special mode that dims the display so that the user wearing night vision goggles does not damage the retina of the eye, and also offers the ability to unlock the face in horizontal mode.

However, the military is often important not only functionality, but also the ability to disable this very functionality, preferably completely. Therefore, Samsung has added another full invisibility mode to the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, which allows you to turn off all radio frequency broadcasting so that the location of the military cannot be determined using peels or triangulation during special operations. Well, in peacetime and during exercises, this mode will simply save battery life.

Given the specificity of the model, it was logical to assume that Samsung would not sell the smartphone through open channels. It will only be available on special order in Q3 2020. But the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition can be ordered by the army, private military companies, private security services, courier service and many other departments that can really use such a device. Another question – will they do it? Indeed, from the point of view of protection, this device is clearly inferior to venous equipment.

Protected Samsung smartphone

Samsung unveils super-rugged Galaxy S20 for the military

What happens if this smartphone falls screen down or is pressed on? I think it will crash

I am not too well versed in military equipment to draw any conclusions about the suitability of the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition for all sorts of special operations. However, it seems to me that Samsung obviously lost by making such a smartphone based on the original S20, and even with a touch screen. Well, think for yourself. The Koreans have protected the case, but the display, which can be pressed with something or broken by dropping it flat, is still a very vulnerable spot. Moreover, the probability of an unsuccessful outcome is quite high, given the size of the screen and the overall windage of the smartphone design.

I'm not even talking about software protection. It is clear that Android is not the operating system that should be installed on a tactical device. Usually, they are chosen as simple as possible from the point of view of a functional device, but at the same time the most reliable platforms that should neither freeze, nor update too often, much less be hacked or some kind of external influence. So I wouldn't be surprised if nobody buys the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.

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