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Touchscreen on your phone Displays of modern smartphones are very fragile, they crack and break literally after the first fall. This is due to the fact that the display is a complex part of a smartphone made of glass and other fragile materials. Unfortunately, modern engineers have still not been able to solve this problem.

Users are offered to stick on additional protective glasses, covers, etc. – but this does not provide 100% protection. Therefore, replacing the glass (screen) on a smartphone is a very common procedure. In this article, we'll talk about what a touchscreen is, is it possible to change the display yourself, and what problems the touchscreen has.

What is a touchscreen?

Touchscreen means 'touch' – press and 'screen' – screen. That is, this is the part of the screen in the smartphone that determines your taps. The touchscreen is also called a sensor.


It is used only for recognition of clicks. If touch presses do not work in the gadget, or they work involuntarily, then the touchscreen is broken. The display is concerned with the quality of the image and the display of the picture on the screen, it should not be confused with the touchscreen.

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What is the difference between a touchscreen and a display?

The touchscreen is the sensor part responsible for recognizing clicks. The display is responsible for displaying information on the screen by means of pixel backlighting. In other words, we press the touchscreen and look at the display. These two devices work together and are located one on top of the other. Together, this structure is commonly referred to as a shield and is protected by glass.

Glass on the phone

That is why cracked glass can damage the quality of touch recognition or the quality of the picture on a smartphone. Sometimes badly broken glass will damage the touchscreen and display.

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How to replace the touchscreen?

If the touchpad works poorly or refuses to respond at all, it should be replaced. Fortunately, smartphones can be disassembled by yourself. It is not necessary to change the device or its screen in order to fix the touchscreen, it is enough to detach it and change it to a new one. Service services and equipment repair centers are fully engaged in replacement. There they can easily fix a smartphone for an additional fee. Usually the procedure takes a couple of hours for the master and a couple of days for the client. The price varies from the type of device and the complexity of the work (from $ 5 to $ 350 per service).

  • Broken touch glass / Replacing the touchscreen.  Explay Fresh smartphone

Now the principle of screens without a layer, or a 'sandwich' body, has become popular. In this case, the touchscreen, display and glass are glued together, completely glued together with a transparent sealant over the entire plane.

The so-called 'lamination technology' is done for several reasons.

  • Firstly, such a screen has no interlayer and looks much better.
  • Secondly, it takes up less space and makes the smartphone thinner and more convenient.

If a smartphone has such a screen, then it is impossible to replace only one part. In this case, you will have to change everything at once. This is usually the most expensive part in the device and is installed only in premium smartphones of famous brands. It's easy to check – the glued screen has no layer of air inside and looks very thin, and when pressed, there is no jelly effect.

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How to replace the touchscreen yourself?

If you want to save money, you can replace the touchscreen yourself. Please note that such actions require some knowledge and skill. It is not recommended to do this in case of doubt and the absence of specialized equipment. If something is not done according to plan, then you can remove from standing not only the smartphone screen, but also its board with a battery – in this case, the repair will cost about the cost of a new device.

Before starting the replacement, you need to buy a new screen. They are sold both in offline stores on the streets of the city and in online stores. Often buying online can save a lot. Before buying, be sure to make sure that the purchased display fits the smartphone. Some devices have different types of screens, this is especially true for Chinese people like Xiaomi and Meizu. Pay attention to the smartphone version and compare it with the screen version.

If you have the new screen on hand, have the necessary equipment and enthusiasm, then you can start. To work you need: a new display, hair dryer, screwdriver. First of all, turn off the smartphone and unscrew all the bolts on the frame (or open the back cover and unscrew everything there). It is imperative to remember the location of the bolts, since they are different and will not fit into the wrong connectors.

Replacing the touchscreen yourself

Next, you need to carefully shove some kind of thin card or paper clip under the display. In order for this to work, the screen should be warmed up with a hairdryer and sprinkled with alcohol on it.

Opening the phone

Slowly removing the display from the glue, you need to carefully lift it up, but do not pull it out, since it is still on the cable. After successful removal, pull out the battery.

Removing the phone cover

Then remove the protection on the loop. It is secured with bolts and snaps. It all depends on the model of the smartphone, it is better to look at the disassembly of your smartphone before starting and repeat the steps from there.

Removing the loop protection

After removing the display, you can take a new one and put it in the same position and in the same place.

New display on the phone mount

Many devices have a function button and touchpads on the front. They will have to be removed from the old panel and put into the new one. This action is not difficult. You need to see what is missing on the new display and take the missing parts from the old one. After that, insert a new one into the smartphone and screw it in like the old display.

Phone assembly

After successfully connecting the loop, you need to check how the smartphone works. Turn it on and watch the reaction of the sensor. If everything is fine, then you can start gluing the screen to the case. You can use any superglue, but you can't remove it back. For smartphones, silicone glue is used – that's what you need to use. Such glue can later be easily peeled off by heating with a hair dryer.

Bonding the body

Remember to tighten the screws and attach the display well to the case. After the actions taken, the touchscreen should work fine.

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How to calibrate the touchscreen

Usually, after replacing the display, it is already calibrated and should work fine. However, there are situations when touch presses occur in the wrong place. There are several reasons for this problem: poor-quality replacement and damage to modules, unoptimized software and a damaged loop on the plan.

Calibration is carried out programmatically through special applications on a smartphone. Devices of the company Apple on IOS are not calibrated, as they do it themselves. If your iPhone or iPad has problems with the sensor, it's a matter of poor-quality replacement or damaged hardware elements. Also, before making a conclusion, it is worth rebooting the device. Also, the sensor may not work well due to extreme temperatures or moisture. In this case, you need to place the smartphone for a couple of hours (or preferably a day) in a familiar and dry environment, such as a room. After a while, you can check the sensor.

On Android devices, you can calibrate using programs such as Clinometer, TouchScreenTune or Power Bubble. After downloading one of these programs from Google Play, you just need to open them and follow the instructions. Calibration takes just a couple of minutes.

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