Tone mode in the phone

Tone mode in the phone Tone dialing in the phone is the ability to transmit a signal over the telephone line during a conversation or a call. Each row of the 12-digit keyboard has its own low-frequency tone, and each column has a high-frequency tone. When a key is pressed, an original signal is transmitted over the network, which helps the subscriber to communicate with the interactive automated service.

For example, during a call to a subscriber service, the robot often asks to switch the phone to tone dialing mode and press the required key. At first, this request may confuse the subscriber, but in reality everything is simple.

When calling from a landline phone, you need to hold down the key to switch to DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency, tone dialing). In some models, there are keys 'T' (tone) and 'P' (pulse), which means switching to different types of dialing.

Switch to tone mode

Cell phones by default operate in tone dialing mode. The signal is transmitted over the network even if the device is muted when dialing. This is how the automatic service allows you to find out the account status, application status, balance of funds and other information. Now banks, operators, taxis and other services are equipped with automatic services. This approach allows you to reduce the load on the line and free employees from unnecessary work.

The tone signal is used to interact with automatic telephone exchanges, security installations, services, etc.

In modern telephone systems, when calling any service or a large organization, the transmission of the DTMF signal can significantly save the client's time to find the necessary department or specialist.

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