Ps1 emulator for Android

Ps1 emulator for Android The capabilities of an OS-based smartphone or tablet Android are so wide that not a single day of a modern person can do without them. For those who like to play Sony Play Station, a special application has been implemented.

You can install the official ePSXe program in the Play Market.

For a small fee, an excellent emulator will appear on the device, with which you can run any game intended for the console.

On the Internet, there are many offers to download the installation file for a smartphone.

The trashbox website offers to download the APK (, which should be installed on the device. For installation on a smartphone, there must be permission to install from unknown sources.

Installing PS1 emulator

The program allows you to open games that are known to users by the PlayStation console.

The initial screen is greeted with a bright picture and several important buttons.

Emulator home screen

The first thing to do is load B IOS. The app will automatically search for the resource on the device.

Loading Bios

To work correctly, the emulator will need to install a plugin. This component is downloaded for free from the Google store.

Installing a plugin for ePSXe

After installation, you can run games. To do this, go to the 'load the game' item and select the location of the archive or image. By selecting a file, the user unpacks to the root menu.

Selecting a game file

After that, a folder with the name of a specific game will appear in the menu, which is the file necessary for launching.

After the unpacking procedure, when you press the 'download game' button, you must select the appropriate folder.

File selection

The folder may contain several files, if they were present in the downloaded archive.

Multiple files

After starting the game, virtual buttons appear on the smartphone screen, resembling the location of a joystick.

Game controls

The user can experience the same sensations as when playing on a console. The emulator will allow you to while away the time on a long journey, to have fun while waiting.

If the application starts to slow down after launch, then you should change the emulation characteristics in the settings:

Emulation settings

Changing the settings will allow you to configure the correct operation of the application. The user may experience freezing, incorrect sound and other annoying bugs.

In the corresponding items of the settings menu, you can set the sound delay, graphics quality and other parameters. If the device has low technical characteristics, then it is worth changing some parameters of the emulator. This will reduce the load on the operating system.

To download games, you should go to any site that offers these files. The file is downloaded to the download folder. Before starting the game, you need to unzip it, as mentioned above.

Ps1 games

Competent use of the emulator capabilities makes it easier for the user to interact with the system.

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