Huawei turned to Russian engineers to work on HarmonyOS

Software development is not easy. Especially when it comes to modern software. And if we talk about how much effort and time is needed to develop an entire operating system, then, as they say, “it's easy to get confused in zeros”. Many people know that Huawei, in its stalemate, undertook to develop its own HarmonyOS, but now there is information that for this they will attract Russian specialists. In this case, we are not talking about a couple of people, but about a large team from several cities in Russia. It remains only to understand what exactly they will be responsible for when developing a new product. And at the same time find out when you can expect the result.


Building an operating system is difficult and requires a lot of hands.

Software development

Центры исследований и разработок или, как их еще называют, R&D обычно включают в себя сотни, если не тысячи специалистов. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to come up with something new. Of course, as a rule, there is a person whose name appears in all documents and in the press, they say, he is the creator of this or that product. But behind his back are those very thousands of people who, like ants (exclusively in a good sense of the word), work and bring much more than just an idea – its implementation.

This also happens in the company Huawei. A week ago, the company talked about its new operating system HarmonyOS (or HongMengOS in China), which our Ivan Kuznetsov talked about more than once. The release is required against the background of the ban on the use of Android and Google services. The company urgently needs to solve something and it throws all its energy into creating a finished product that would be, as they say, not ashamed to show people.

Moreover, the beta version of this operating system should be released in December this year. The first smartphone with HarmonyOS 2.0 on board should appear in 2021. If this is not a bluff, not throwing dust in the eyes, and the company really planned the release exactly at these dates, the specialists will have a lot of work and they will have to work hard.

To do this, the company has attracted a large number of developers from Russia to create the operating system. Recently, in general, the concept of “Russian hacker”, as it is customary to call Russian programmers in the world, is inextricably linked with the ability to quickly and efficiently make almost any software products. In this regard, the choice of the company becomes obvious.


Huawei there are many difficult decisions to make. But you need to create your own software. Who knows how it will turn out.

Who works for Huawei in Russia

Согласно отчету GlobalTimes, российская команда R&D китайского технологического гиганта насчитывает около 1 500 сотрудников в различных городах России, включая Москву, Санкт-Петербург, Нижний Новгород, Новосибирск и другие. This entire team maintains the closest relationship with other professionals Huawei involved in development, research and programming.

The Russian team of specialists should help their Chinese (and not only) colleagues to make the new software product “more compatible with the mobile ecosystem Huawei”. There is no doubt that bringing in new specialists will speed up the process. Especially if someone can correctly distribute tasks between them.

Although the development of its own operating system was directly influenced by the recent US sanctions, the company has not abandoned the platform Android. For those who don't know, Huawei lost access to Google mobile services back in 2019, as it faced a ban. Since then, restrictions have been tightened to make it harder for companies Huawei to access American-made technology.

Android 11 for Huawei

At the moment, the company is not doing well, and its supply chain may be interrupted. Thus, news of the Russian team working on HarmonyOS 2.0 implies that the company is in a hurry to release the new OS in time before it possibly loses access to the system completely Android. Therefore, the company is actively expanding its suite of smartphone applications, which should replace all major Google services – from ordinary storage and video hosting to a voice assistant and an office suite.


Good programmers can help Huawei with some of her problems.

Already, the new version of EMUI 11, which was supposed to be built on Android 11, will be based on Android 10. Some functions of the new item will still be implemented, but it will be last year's version of the “green robot”.

Of course, creating your own operating system will not solve all of the company's problems, but it will make you feel a little more confident. Let me remind you that on Tuesday the company lost access to cooperation with TSMC, which was engaged in the production of Kirin processors, and is now forced to look for solutions on the side. In this regard, there are few reasons for joy, but your own operating system will definitely not be superfluous. And the number of involved developers and programmers once again speaks of how difficult this is.

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