This is the largest Google Maps update in recent years. What changed

Google Maps is perhaps the most famous Google service after the search engine. Despite the fact that Russians have an excellent alternative in the form of Yandex.Maps, many still use Google maps, as they are popularly called, and do not blow their minds. Affected by presetting Android as the default application. But, judging by the level of detail and relevance, it was Yandex.Maps that were often ahead. Until recently, Google was not at all embarrassed by this, and she paid attention mainly to the interface transformations of the service, and then she suddenly came to her senses.

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Google Maps received the largest update in several years

Google has unveiled the largest Google Maps update in several years. It's all about accuracy, making familiar map tiles look more detailed and easier to read. To do this, Google has used a completely new color distribution technique that allows you to take the familiar satellite images that underlie Google Maps and turn them into what Google calls a comprehensive and detailed map.

Google Maps update

Google Maps

Left – how it was, right – how it became

In fact, the new method of forming Google Maps is really based on the changed coloring of map fragments. Google began to use noticeably more colors, shades and shadows in rendering, using computer vision technology, which selects a more accurate color scheme in accordance with data from satellites. The output is, unlike a more detailed result, which allows a better view of the natural area. If earlier non-residential areas were painted over in one color, now a wide palette is used.

Thanks to a wide palette of colors, users will be able to consider in all details:

Relief in Google Maps

Left – how it was, right – how it became

  • Relief drops
  • The presence or absence of vegetation
  • Glaciers and permafrost
  • The depth of natural reservoirs
  • Density of forests

Detailing in Google Maps

Google Maps

On the left – as it is now, on the right – as it will be

The update came out so large that Google decided to split it into two parts. Today we were presented with the first, but in the near future it is planned to release the second. It will focus on improving the detail of the urban environment. Google promises to improve the accuracy of recognition of buildings, streets, roads and highways, as well as to work out more detailed pedestrian routes. The company does not name the exact timing of the release of the second part of the update, specifying only that it does not plan to delay its release. Therefore, I would suggest focusing on the beginning of September.

The update, which increases the granularity of Google Maps, affects all 220 countries in which the maps operate. This is a really large-scale update, which Apple, introducing innovations in Apple Maps, never dreamed of. If one or two countries are added to Cupertino every 3-4 months, then Google did not waste time on trifles and dumped the entire upgrade at once. Well, you have to consider the scale of the companies. Obviously, the search giant has much more opportunities and tools to improve its search, which it has been developing for 10 years, while Apple is just beginning its journey.

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