Apple told why Safari is better than Google Chrome

The main browser for most users today, objectively speaking, is Google Chrome. As much as he is scolded, it is still the most popular tool for getting online. High energy and memory consumption, processor load and mediocre quality of expansion – all this does not particularly hinder their use. And even if it does, it is not so much that fans of 'chrome' abandon it in favor of an alternative browser. However Apple would love it, especially since it has something to offer disaffected Chrome users.

Apple told why Safari is better than Google Chrome

Safari is a better solution than Google Chrome regardless of platform

With the release of macOS 11 Big Sur, which was announced last night, Safari will receive a number of changes that will make it even more preferable than Google Chrome. Despite the fact that Apple usually tries to avoid comparisons with competitors, at yesterday's event there was a comparative graph of the performance of competing browsers. Of course, Safari got the advantage (and it could not have been otherwise, otherwise Apple simply would not have brought these data to the public), which in measurements Apple overtook Chrome by exactly 50%.

Which is faster: Chrome or Safari

Apple told why Safari is better than Google Chrome

Safari will be 50% faster than Chrome after update

According to the speakers who spoke at the presentation, the increase in performance will occur due to the use of JavaScript, which will be clearly noticeable when loading web pages. And since this is where most of the tasks that the browser solves, Safari may be the preferred solution for fans of high speeds than Chrome. Obviously, Safari won't have any problems with resource overruns. Unlike Google, Apple has implemented a more competent system for the browser with extensions, because of which they, in principle, do not overload the computer.

The essence of this system is that users download extensions from the Mac App Store, which are installed as standalone applications, rather than being added to the browser, as is the case with Chrome. Because of this, the load is evenly distributed, and in Chrome all extensions are installed in the browser memory, providing a point load. As a result, if we draw some analogies, it turns out that Chrome goes straight on thin ice and can fail if the ice cracks, and Safari moves on its bellies, without creating unnecessary stress where it is not needed.

Why use Safari

Apple told why Safari is better than Google Chrome

Apple decided to modify Safari like Google Chrome

Another advantage of Safari, which makes it lighter than Chrome, is the lack of unnecessary features like built-in antivirus that would scan your computer for malicious software. Despite this, there are enough security mechanisms in the browser Apple. These are all sorts of tools that prevent cross-user tracking, ad blockers and cookie blockers. As a result, using Safari turns out to be easier, faster, and safer, which is very important today, when personal data has become a popular product.

But that's not all. Previously, Chrome was considered a more functional solution due to the built-in translator, which made it possible to automatically translate texts written in foreign languages ​​into the user's native language. Safari also had this opportunity, but only when using a special extension, and only when selecting a specific fragment. And there was no such thing to translate all the text on the page at once. However, thanks to the built-in 'Translator' application, this is no longer a problem. True, so far it only supports 12 languages ​​against more than 100 in Chrome.

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