The phone turns off by itself

Android turns off Using a smartphone in everyday life, we constantly stay in touch with loved ones, friends, colleagues and other people, learn the latest news and share information. If the device suddenly turns off not at the request of the owner, then this can lead to late receipt of data, loss of time to turn on, inability to quickly make a call or take a photo.

Such a problem devalues ​​the joy of owning even the most modern smartphone.

Reasons for spontaneous shutdown

A single excuse for shutting down can be accidentally pinching the power button in a pocket of clothing or while carrying it in a bag.

If the device turns off once at rest, then such a case is not a cause for concern, but when the situation repeats itself many times, then it is worthwhile to understand the problem.

It is necessary to establish the reason. They can be divided into several types:

  • Software.
  • Physical damage to the device.
  • Improper use of the smartphone.

To determine what exactly is the problem, you must gradually eliminate all possible options.

  1. Most devices are very temperature sensitive. You can use third-party applications to find out the temperature. For example, CPU-Z .


CPU-Z CPU-Z Download QR-Code CPU-Z Developer: CPUID Price: Free

  1. If the owner uses a bumper or plastic case to protect the device, then it may be the reason for pressing the power key. Trapped debris or an unsuitable cover can create excessive pressure in the button area. You should get rid of the protection to test this option.
  2. Increased load on the processor. Running programs in the background can interfere with idle mode and cause the device to perform unnecessary actions. If the main section overheats, the device also turns off the power to normalize the condition. This can be handled by setting restrictions on how applications run in the background. You can find out more about the processor's operation using special programs.
  3. Installed applications, games. Programs can have incorrectly spelled codes and disable your smartphone. If some action cannot be performed, then the system tries to secure the device and restore the violation. You should uninstall the application after the installation of which the problem occurred.
  4. Viruses. During their work, malicious files use the capabilities of the system and can issue a shutdown command to hide their activities. Clearing memory, uninstalling programs, or resetting to factory settings can help heal your device. This can be done from Safe Mode. Entering Safe Mode
  5. RAM overload. Many concurrently running high-capacity applications consume RAM and can cause the device to shutdown or restart. If you do not send the smartphone to standby mode during a large number of running processes, then difficulties should not arise.
  6. The battery is swollen. If the battery has increased in volume, then this means that its working substance has become unusable, and it is worth taking care of purchasing a new battery. In this form, the level of supplied energy is significantly reduced, power outages may occur, which leads to regular shutdown of the device.
  7. Lost contact. The places where the battery is connected to the terminals of the smartphone can oxidize and be subject to the adhesion of grease and dirt. Contact points should be cleaned. This can be done with a swab dipped in alcohol or with a metal object.
    Contacts on the battery
  8. Ingress of moisture. If the device does not have a protection level of at least IP65, then it is not protected against water ingress into the housing, even with accidental fleeting contact. Condensation can lead to short-term contact closure, which causes the smartphone to turn off.

    To avoid such situations, do not use the device in humid places. If contact has already taken place, then it is worth drying the device. To do this, open all available ports, remove the battery and leave it disassembled in a dry place (do not place on a stove, battery or in direct sunlight!)

    Water got on the phone

  9. Software glitches. It is quite difficult to find such a cause, but it can be solved by updating the system or resetting the settings to factory settings. Outdated versions of Android may have a bug or no longer be serviced (not receiving bug fixes, security fixes).
    System update
  10. Physical impairment.
  1. If the device was subjected to at least minimal impact (falling, strong shock), then the outward problem may not appear, but contacts may be broken. This happens especially often if, at the time of the incident, there was a plug (charger, headphones) in any of the connectors. The presence of such a violation can be determined by applying a small effort to the switched on smartphone. Compression of the housing or bending force will cause tripping. The solution is only to contact the service center or check the contacts yourself.

If none of the proposed options revealed a problem with the device, it is better to contact a specialist. For an ordinary user, specific procedures are often not available. Diagnostics, replacement of a failed part or flashing will allow the device to return to normal functionality. For the correct conduct of all actions, you need special software and tools.

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