How to Android make a beautiful sky on a photo

Have you ever wondered why professional photographers take pictures so cool, even if they use the same smartphone as your camera? No, experience, skills and talent, of course, play a decisive role. But this does not mean that even professionals cannot go to any tricks to get the final shot better than they could. It may not always be fair, but for some reason no one usually pays any attention to dishonesty, noticing only the result. So why don't we cheat a little too?

How to Android make a beautiful sky on a photo

You can even make a beautiful sky in the photo on a smartphone

One of the most common tricks that photographers go for is sky replacement. To make a landscape shot more beautiful, they simply take the sky from another photo and overlay it on the one where they think it would look better. And often it can be the sky not from one photo, but from several, if the goal is to achieve a color gradient typical for sunrises or sunsets. However, this is a difficult job that hardly anyone wants to bother with on their own. Therefore, for such purposes, you can use a special application – Adobe Photoshop Camera.

Camera with photoshop for Android

  • Download Photoshop Camera from this link (even if your smartphone is not supported);

How to Android make a beautiful sky on a photo

Photoshop Camera is not officially available on all smartphones

  • Go to Chrome – 'Downloaded Files' and install the Photoshop Camera APK file on your smartphone;
  • Launch the application and give it permission to access the camera and (optionally) your geolocation;

How to Android make a beautiful sky on a photo

Select the filters you want and add them to yourself

  • In the lower left corner, click Tap to try a lens – Add more and select filters with sky, and then add them yourself;
  • Turn on the filter you want (for example, Comic skies or Blue skies) and cycle through the display options;

How to Android make a beautiful sky on a photo

Start experimenting with different filters

  • All you have to do is just press the shutter button and get a beautiful shot.

The finished snapshot can be edited as you want by opening it in the built-in editor. For example, if you don't like the size of the clouds, you can zoom in on them with a pinch-to-zoom gesture, change the brightness, contrast and saturation of the frame, play with shadows, and tweak many other parameters. If you want, you can even use Photoshop Express to edit your photo using more of the editing and retouching tools available. However, purely for Instagram, Photoshop Camera should be enough.

How to change the sky in a photo

How to Android make a beautiful sky on a photo

If you wish, you can configure the frame after shooting

In my opinion, photos with the Blue skies filter are as natural as possible. This is understandable, there are no decorations in the form of shooting stars or spaceships flying in the background – only clouds and a slight gradient characteristic of a clear sky. Using this filter is very cool to add a sunny mood to photos, especially when it's cloudy outside the window. Photoshop Camera very cleverly applies the filter to the image in real time, showing the result even before you release the shutter. Well, if you don't like something, you can change the filter on the finished picture.

Obviously, overlaying the sky from several frames on the same photo and applying complex add-ons in the Photoshop Camera application will not work. But this is not required of him. This is an application for amateur photography, which, thanks to advanced blending and processing technologies, allows you to make your photos more beautiful than they really are, adding different kinds of elements if necessary. However, if you need professional editing, then perhaps you better turn to classic Photoshop.

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