FAS will allow the return of smartphones with 'raw' Russian software to the store

The adoption of the law on Russian software was one of the few events that was received almost unanimously negatively. Manufacturers opposed it because it was unprofitable and inconvenient, and consumers said they were not going to use imposed applications. However, the government hastened to assure all dissenting people that the new law is aimed not so much at promoting domestic software as at making life easier for users who either do not know about the existence of alternative applications or are unable to download them. Now, at least one more will be added to this meager list of benefits.

FAS will allow the return of smartphones with 'raw' Russian software to the store

The FAS wants to give users the opportunity to return smartphones due to software

Consumers will be able to hand over their smartphone to the store if the applications installed at the request of the law on Russian software do not work correctly, the FAS confirmed. This is a rather unexpected turn, since in Russia smartphones belong to the category of technically complex goods and it is now impossible to exchange them for a similar one or return them to the seller on the same grounds for which clothes and shoes are usually returned. The only reason a return is allowed is a factory defect. However, the Federal Antimonopoly Service believes that the incorrect operation of the software is quite capable of giving up the device and returning it to the seller.

Return smartphone to store

FAS will allow the return of smartphones with 'raw' Russian software to the store

Returning smartphones to a store is not as safe as it sounds

Of course, the FAS wants to give consumers such an opportunity not for the sake of consumers themselves. The main goal pursued by the department is to give the manufacturer a reason not only to install a package of applications imposed on him, but also to optimize them so as to ensure correct operation. After all, if the vendor is not interested in adapting the software, most likely, he himself will never do this, because, firstly, you need to spend time on it, and, secondly, then the third-party software will look no less attractive than the standard software.

However, the manufacturer's desire to optimize software alone will not be enough. In order for the pre-installed applications to start working harmoniously with the standard software, most likely, you will need to involve the creators of these applications. After all, only they know about all the features of their developments and only they can help in their adaptation. True, a conflict of interest may arise here when the developer himself decides to demand deeper integration of the program than the manufacturer himself wants.

Problems from Russian software

And such problems, I have no doubt, will. Take Apple for example. The company's branded smartphones are very well protected from malware and do not require the use of antivirus software. After all, if a virus cannot penetrate the system, therefore, its search becomes a completely useless task. But since the government requires manufacturers to preinstall antiviruses on their devices without fail, this will also have to be done Apple. And this can become a stumbling block, because for the antivirus to work properly, it needs to be able to scan the entire file system, which Cupertino simply will not allow.

However, the shortcomings of the new FAS initiative do not end there. The most terrible thing here, oddly enough, is consumer terrorism. After all, if users have the opportunity to return smartphones to stores on, let's face it, a rather far-fetched pretext, manufacturers will begin to incur losses. After all, it is impossible to simply take, put the returned unit in the box and sell it again. Before that, you need to send it for inspection, if necessary, replace damaged components, repack the device, give it a new serial number and a warranty and sell it at the same price or even cheaper under the guise of a restored one. It goes without saying that vendors will want to insure themselves against such vicissitudes and will simply increase the prices of their products. And then it will be bad for all of us.

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