Printing from Android via Wi-Fi

Printing on Android  Have you ever thought about how to print from Android via Wi-Fi without first transferring the document to your computer? We want to tell you how to quickly set it up. In order to print from an Android tablet, or from a phone, we need a computer with Internet access and a printer connected to it. All of this is done by Google Cloud Print through the Chrome browser.

Connecting Android to a computer via Wi-Fi: Video

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First, let's launch the Chrome browser. In the window that opens, click in the upper right corner on the 'Parameters' area, select the 'Settings' item.

Browser settings

Next, we will need to log into our Google account, for this we need to select 'Log in to Chrome', enter there the same e-mail with a password on which you registered your device with Google (or register if you have not done this earlier) .

Google account Sign in to Chrome

After logging in, the 'Advanced sync settings' window will open, there you will need to check the boxes that you need to sync with your Google account, click 'OK'.

Additional sync settings

Next, scroll down the page to the 'Google Cloud Print' item, select 'Configure'.

Google Cloud Print

In the window that opens, activate the 'Add printers' button.

Add printers

Mark the printing devices you want to share for printing on all devices where you are registered with a Google account.

Printing devices

This completes the entire setup for the PC, it remains now to configure Android – the smartphone.

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Setting up Wi-Fi on a tablet or smartphone Android: Video

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Installing add-ons

First, go to Google Play, install the 'Cloud Print' add-on. Then lower or raise (depending on the manufacturer of the device) the shutter and click on 'Service virtual printer …' to enable this function, click on the rocker button, agree with the warning by pressing 'OK', after which a list of available printers should appear on the screen devices.

Devices Curtain Service virtual printer Warning

The next step is to download the free and functional software 'Polaris Office ' from Google Play. In this program, you need to find in 'My Documents', open the desired document, click on 'Options' at the top right and find 'Print'. A window with print parameters will open, at the very top it remains to select your printing machine and tap on 'Print'.

Edit mode Parameters Virtual printer Polaris Office Polaris Office Settings My Polaris Office documents

On this, printing from Android via WIFI is configured.

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How to Print from Android over Wi-Fi: Video

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