How Huawei will update Android on their smartphones bypassing Google

Huawei, like Belarusian parmesan, can safely be considered a symbol of bypassing sanctions. Despite the fact that the Chinese company could not completely ignore them, in some ways it still succeeded. For example, she managed not to spoil relations with Microsoft and not only save Windows on her laptops, but also persuade a company from Redmond to host its office applications in AppGallery. But if this clearly happened with the approval of the US government, then the services for downloading software bypassing Google Play clearly violate American law. Updates will now be distributed in violation of it.


Huawei intends to continue updating their smartphones

Despite the expiration of the license that allowed Huawei to continue updating its smartphones that were released before the US sanctions, the company will continue to do so in the future. Instead of waiting for updates from Google, Huawei will simply take them from the official website of the search giant, and then distribute them through the AppGallery app store. In this case, we are talking about the so-called security updates that Google releases every month and which are posted in the public domain.

How to update Huawei

Huawei Mate 20

Huawei will take updates from the Google site, releasing them with some delay

It would seem Huawei in chocolate. After all, just taking ready-made updates, optimizing them for your smartphones is a job from the category of 'don't hit the lying one'. No licenses are needed here either. In general, everything is true, but there are several very tangible nuances.

Firstly, developers Huawei will indeed be able to take updates from the Google website, but they will be available to them only after the public release. That is, the Chinese will first have to wait for the release of the updates, and only then begin to optimize them, while all other manufacturers who receive the source code directly from Google have access to them a month before the release date. That is, they receive the August patch in July, the July patch in June, and the June patch in May. As a result Huawei if it will supply its devices with fresh updates, then with some delay.

Secondly, even if Huawei will be able to take updates from the official Google website, it is not very clear how the company is going to renew the GMS services, which ensure the operation of all the main mechanisms of the smartphone: sending notifications, backups, auto-updating applications , contactless payment, etc. After all, as you know, Google is quite easy to deal with those who violate its rules, using the GMS without an appropriate license. Therefore, it is obvious that we, as users, will have to block Google services in the foreseeable future.

Huawei without Google services

Huawei P30

I don't know yet if I will stay at Huawei or not

Is it possible to get away from this somewhere? Unfortunately not. Google services have a special toolkit that determines the presence of unaccredited unauthorized devices. Then he sends the data to the search giant, which already decides to block. Therefore, it is highly likely that in the foreseeable future, Google will simply block the operation of its services on smartphones Huawei. And all that remains for us is to use AppGallery, Huawei Mobile Services and pay for purchases through SberPay.

I, as a smartphone user Huawei with Google services, do not yet know what I will do if the search giant turns them off. Probably, first I will try to get used to the new reality, but something tells me that I will not be able to do this. Therefore, already now I am starting to select myself a new smartphone to replace – just in case. After all, you never know when the sword of Damocles, which is hovering over you, cuts with all its might.

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