Overclock the battery to Android: subtleties of the question

Battery charge It is well known that the autonomous operation of a gadget under the OS Android is very limited in time. Usually it is a day or two with average intensity of use, after which a recharge is required. Many have heard about the so-called overclocking of the battery, so immediately after purchase or during operation, they think about how to overclock the battery to Android. According to the opinion rooted in the user environment, this can significantly extend the life of a power source that is very important for a mobile device.

What is overclocking

Battery overclocking is a procedure of several full charge-discharge cycles aimed at improving its performance. In this case, in theory, the life of the battery itself should increase.

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Why is it needed

Disputes about the need to pump the batteries of modern gadgets still do not subside. The fact is that the procedure was considered mandatory in the era of nickel batteries, for which it definitely worked. The so-called memory effect greatly reduced the possibilities of charging from cycle to cycle, and the buildup neutralized this process. The situation has changed with lithium batteries. They are not subject to this effect, but in the user and even part of the expert environment, the question of how to swing the battery by Android to the maximum is still being discussed.

Unlike other experts, experts from Google do not consider this procedure mandatory. Moreover, research in this area shows that it is a full discharge that kills the battery faster. If you constantly wait for the smartphone to turn off, the number of cycles decreases at a catastrophic rate.

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Pre-swing is the calibration of the battery before use. It is believed that the battery performance in this case improves by an average of 10-30%. This is a lot for the user, so the number of convinced supporters of the buildup is not decreasing. It is actually impossible to verify the correctness of such statements, so most of us decide to play it safe. Extra cycles are unlikely to do much harm, but faith works wonders!

If you take into account the need for the procedure, then you should:

  1. Several times (three or four, some advise up to five) to fully charge and discharge the smartphone.
  2. After the last charge, disconnect the charger, wait 10-20 seconds and hard reset the gadget.

After that, you can use it without restrictions, and perform a single full charge-discharge every three months.

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What can replace the buildup

We have described how to swing the battery to Android. A reasonable alternative to this harsh treatment of the battery is:

  1. Correct operation. Charge reduction below 20% is unacceptable. It is not necessary to charge a fully lithium battery. It is important to maintain an optimal charge – within 40-80%. Once every three months, you can charge up to 100% and leave it connected for several hours. In this case, the memory must be licensed. Avoid overheating and hypothermia of the device.
  2. Energy saving. You need to adjust the settings, disable unnecessary applications and functions, and use them only as needed. Battery problems
  3. Use an external power source – Bank.
  4. Install a program that optimizes system processes (for example, GO Battery Saver).

Actually, that's all. All that remains is to buy a more powerful battery.

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How to calibrate a battery

Calibration, or battery training, is supposed to help the built-in BSM determine and remember the limits of the capacity range. In this case, in theory, the battery will deliver 100% power. For this you need:

  • Discharge the battery before shutting down.
  • Not including, fully charge the device.
  • Pull out (if possible) for a couple of minutes and reinsert the battery.
  • Put it on charge again (the level may be less than 100%).

The operation should be repeated until the difference in charge disappears.

For more details on all the intricacies of the procedure for non-separable devices, see our article 'How to calibrate the battery on Android'.

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Fast charge Android

Charging speed is especially important in time-limited environments. If you have a working outlet and charger nearby, you can quickly raise your smartphone's charge from a critical level. It just needs to be charged off. Usually only half an hour is enough to charge up to 50%. For more recommendations on this topic, see our article 'How to quickly charge your phone to Android'.

As a tip: buy a Power Bank. It will not help charge the gadget faster, but it will allow you to do it on the go. It is also advisable to have a cigarette lighter charger in the car.

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Battery testing at Android

Doubts about the battery performance of a smartphone appear in the first year of operation. The battery condition assessment can be performed in different ways: visually, by software, using measuring equipment. The process depends on the capacity and takes an hour and a half. All methods are described in more detail in the article 'Battery test for Android'.

For the user, the most convenient special programs for assessing the real battery capacity, which are available in Google Play. Express testing can also be performed using the Nova Battery Tester application, which is available on the Internet.

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How to restore, swing and properly charge the phone battery: Video

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