What application for SMS to Android do I use and advise you

One of the advantages of the operating system Android over iOS is the ability to change almost all pre-installed applications to third-party ones. Thanks to this, users of the mobile OS from Google can replace not only the browser, but also the voice assistant with an alternative one, and even a program for sending SMS. I honestly can't call myself a big fan of customization and usually use what is given by default. However, for SMS, I prefer to exclusively use the Messages app from Google. I explain why it is so good.

What application for SMS to Android do I use and advise you

Typically, stock SMS apps on Android are bad. Look for analogues

The first thing I like about the Messages application (in Russian localization it is simply called 'Messages') is, of course, the design. Despite the fact that most programs with similar properties are also quite minimalist, Google's decision with its Material Design 2.0 concept makes using 'Messages' especially pleasant. White background, on which the list displays the names of the senders of messages and part of their content – what else do you need for comfort? Perhaps a wide range of functions.

How to enable SMS spam protection

What application for SMS to Android do I use and advise you

Spam protection is super handy

The Messages app from Google has built-in anti-spam support. It independently analyzes the sender, without reading the text of the message itself, and decides on its conscientiousness. I have no idea how the search giant's algorithms work, but they have never been wrong. Despite this, the application itself asks you to confirm that the message that it marked as spam is indeed unwanted. To enable protection, go to 'Settings' – 'Additional settings' – 'Anti-spam' and enable this option.

In the 'Messages', by default, there is a special section where you can send messages from bona fide senders if you do not want to delete them, but there is no particular desire to see them on the main page every day either. To do this, simply swipe right or left over the message, as the entire chain of messages will be moved to the archive. If you did it by accident, you can undo the archiving by clicking on the 'Undo' button that appears below. In case you need to return a chain from the archive, just go to the context menu – 'Archive' and return messages back.

How to send SMS from computer

Well, and what I especially love about Messages from Google is that it has a web version that can be run on a computer or tablet without a SIM card. Thanks to this, you can not only read all incoming messages, but also respond to them, even if the smartphone is not at hand. For everything to work, you need to link both versions of the application.

  • To do this, follow this link from a computer or tablet;
  • Open the 'Messages' application on your smartphone, then go to the context menu, and from there to the tab 'Messages web version';

What application for SMS to Android do I use and advise you

What other application will allow writing SMS from a computer?

  • On the smartphone screen, click on the QR code scan button and point it to the computer screen with the link open;
  • Confirm the binding of your computer to your Messages account and use the web version of the service without accessing your smartphone.

I understand that SMS today is far from the main communication tool for many users. Nevertheless, it is through SMS that online stores send us verification codes to confirm online payments, banks notify us of the receipt of funds, and retail chains – about discounts or promotions. It turns out that, despite the fact that all communication has moved to instant messengers and video services, today it will be quite difficult without SMS. So use Google Messaging and, like me, enjoy quality service.

Download 'Messages' for Android

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