Not enough memory in phone error

Free up memory on your phone Typically, the “Not enough phone memory” error occurs when all of the internal storage is full or nearly full. In this article, I will provide several solutions to this problem.

  1. Delete data and application cache. Or delete several capacious applications.

Any application on the phone downloads and stores its data + temporary files, cache. You can delete this data. Let's go to Settings – All Applications. We select the application, clear the cache and erase the data files.

Clear application cache

  1. Transfer files from your phone to memory cards or to your computer. Details in this article.
  2. Remove photos and videos from gallery. Delete files using Explorer.
  3. CCleaner app. Details in this article.
  4. Use the built-in memory cleaning service. Go to Tools -> Cleaning. The application will analyze files that can be safely deleted. Click “Clear”. Clear files
  5. Perform a hard reset of the device (all data will be destroyed!)

These tips should definitely help you clean up your device's internal storage. Do you know more ways? Write in the comments.

Video how to free up phone memory

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