Magnetic chargers for Android

The smartphone requires almost daily recharging, which becomes a real headache for its owner. The connectors do not withstand operation and quickly fail if handled carelessly. Recently, wireless, or induction, charging has appeared, which has become an alternative to conventional wires, but only the owner of a gadget with support for the Qi standard can use it. But there was a solution for everyone else. Magnetic chargers for Android simplify connection, prevent dust from entering and protect connectors from damage.

Magnetic chargers for Android

Magnetic charging – what is it

Magnetic charger for Android, or magnetic USB charging cable, fits any device. This is just another mechanical solution to everyone's familiar cable connection, when the cable and the device are connected by magnetic attraction. In the edging of the cable there is a magnetic plate that is attracted to the phone, ensuring reliable contact between the pins in the cord and the phone. The connection in this case is clearer and does not require mechanical efforts on the part of the user.

Magnetic chargers for Android

This cable is only suitable for certain smartphone models. Recently, more universal ones have appeared in terms of use, but still they are not suitable for any device. A special adapter or connector is used here, which is inserted into the micro USB socket and may not be removed for years. In other words, they made a connecting gasket, breaking which, you won't spoil the device. The cable contains spring-loaded magnetic contacts that connect to the adapter. In addition, there is an LED indicator that shows whether the connection is successful or charging.

Today, such a solution exists not only for smartphones and tablets on Android, but also for production gadgets Apple.

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How to use

Using such a device is no more difficult than using a regular cable. If you figure it out, it's even easier. Especially if you purchase the adapter that we mentioned earlier. So, to make it work, you need:

  1. Insert the adapter into the micro USB connector of the phone (and forget about it);
  2. Bring the end of the cord closer to the adapter and wait a little after a slight click. The LED will light up as a signal of successful connection and start of charging.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Convenience and ease of articulation are not the only advantages. Charging on Android on a magnet has other equally important advantages:

  • holds the plug firmly and detaches easily when needed;
  • the plug is connected by either side;
  • the risk of damaging the internal connector is minimized, and there will be no dust or dirt in it. It is impossible to pull out the socket, and you will not drop the phone by accidentally pulling the cable;
  • allows data transfer (only in diode up position);
  • clearly visible in the dark. By the way, the phone itself is easier to find by the light.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • the adapter is designed for a certain type of port (Lighting, Micro USB);
  • higher price;
  • increased charging time;
  • inconvenient to charge on uneven surface – connection may be interrupted.

However, it is obvious that there are fewer disadvantages than advantages. The difference in charging time is half an hour maximum, that's nothing. The price is higher than that of a conventional cable, but lower than that of induction charging, and it is inconvenient to use any device on an uneven surface.

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Magnetic phone charger: Video

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