Lost my phone – how to find it?

Find phone If you have lost or stolen your smartphone, it can be found or blocked remotely. How to do it? Let's consider several ways.

Method 1: Google Find My Device

Go to www.google.com / android / find. We go to your Google account. The same account must be registered on your device.

Find device

  • I can see on the map where my phone is now (with an accuracy of 20-30 meters).
  • I can trace the chronology of his movements using Google Maps. Travel statistics are available for the last 12 months, you can view the chronology for each day. Chronology of device movement
  • I can ring the phone at maximum volume, for example, if it is somewhere nearby. It will ring loudly for 5 minutes even if the phone is muted.
  • I can delete all data from my phone or block it remotely. When locking, you can add your phone number to the locked screen, the person will not be able to unlock the device himself, and you can continue to track his location. Cleaning your phone will erase all user data and settings, including your Google account, which means you can no longer track your phone. Therefore, I recommend that you always lock and not clean the device – this way you will not find it again.

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Method 2: Find My Device for Samsung

This service is only suitable for owners of Samsung devices. We go to the site findmymobile.samsung.com and go under our account (the same account must be registered in the phone).

Similar options are available to us here:

  • See on the map where the device is now.
  • Play sound at maximum volume on the device.
  • Block (unblocking is possible only through the website or flashing the smartphone).
  • Erase all data from the phone (in this case, the phone will be logged out of the account, and it will no longer be found).

Find Samsung device

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Method 3: through the operator or the police

In some cases, you can contact the operator and ask to find or block the device by IMEI (add to the black list). Or take a screenshot of the map where your device is located and contact the police.

Conclusion: always register your Google account on your phone or tablet, and if you don't have an account, be sure to register your mail at gmail.com. This will save you many problems in the future and will save you from the fear of losing your phone or your personal data.

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