Joystick connection to device on Android

Joystick connection The Android operating system has become popular not only due to its wide functionality, but also because of the huge number of games. The only thing that can become an obstacle for people who love entertainment applications is inconvenient controls. To correct the situation, various game manipulators were invented, moreover, it is possible to connect controllers from other devices. This article will consider the question of how to connect a joystick for Android.

Features of connecting game controllers on Android

First, let's look at the connection of gamepads from the 3 most popular consoles – Playstation3, Xbox360, Wii:

  1. Connecting the keypad from the first set-top box is possible both via USB and Bluetooth. The second method requires a dedicated Sixaxis Controller program. It is located at.
  2. Before downloading, it is better to use another program that is located in the same Play market. The utility will check the system for compatibility with the connected device.
  3. Next, here you need to download the program and install it on your computer. After that, run the program and specify the phone address (you can find it in the settings) in the program. After pressing the Update button, the gamepad will be linked to your tablet or phone. In this way, connection occurs via Bluetooth.

It should be noted that your joystick can also be connected to a smartphone and played using it as an Android game. A detailed algorithm for doing this is outlined here.

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Connecting Android to a computer via Wi-Fi: Video

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Micro USB setup

Now let's look at how to set up a joystick on Android via Micro USB:

  1. USB connection The device being manipulated must support hostmode. Then, you need to download the console emulator. You can find it, for example, here. Start the emulator, connect the game module and assign the necessary settings to the buttons.
  2. JoystickXbox360 is also connected via Micro USB. To use wireless mode, you need to purchase a dedicated receiver.
  3. Wii game controller is not compatible with all phones and tablets. You need to download and install the Wiimote Controller app.
  4. After that, run the utility, click Init and Connect, on the gamepad itself, simultaneously press buttons 1 and 2. Next, the application should detect the module, after this has happened, it remains to tick the Wii Controller IME box.

In these ways, you can connect the joystick to Android in almost all cases. There are also third party controllers with and without wireless functionality. They are identified in the system as just another device. The use of such modules in games occurs without any problems.

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Connecting Android devices as a joystick to a computer

You can use the devices as virtual modules for computers and game consoles. This requires a special application – a virtual Android joystick, the apk file can be downloaded, for example, if you connect via Wi-Fi or when connected in other ways. Setting up programs is very simple, just download them and follow all the instructions.

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How to connect a joystick for Android: Video

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