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IntercomToday we'll talk about the Intercom application for Android, which works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its main purpose is to make your device a wireless walkie-talkie so that several people can communicate at once.

What can be useful for

Such a program can be interesting in situations that we will present below:

  1. According to the developers, the application can be successfully used by bikers on long rides in the column. In this case, all members of the column who are within a radius of 50–100 m from each other can communicate by additionally connecting a headset to smartphones Bluetooth (for convenience).
  2. If you use a wireless headset, the app can be useful in noisy places (construction sites, etc.). At the same time, the participants in the conversation can comfortably communicate with each other without the need to shout if they are 50 meters from each other. No subscription fee will be charged from the mobile account, because only the blue-tooth signal is used for conversation.
  3. Those with babies can turn two smartphones into a baby monitor. You just need to activate the application on both devices, put one next to the baby, and the other next to you, and always be aware of the child's activity.

The ideas of using the application Bluetooth Intercom for Android do not end there: it all depends on your imagination and needs. Perhaps you will find for yourself the application of the program not provided by the developers.

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The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

All the actions described below must be carried out on all devices on which you will install Intercom:

  1. Make sure the bluetooth is activated on the device.
  2. Open the app.

    Running the program

  3. Tap on 'Add Device' to select a buddy.

    Add device

  4. Click on 'Bluetooth'.

    Select bluetooth

In the list of devices, click on the name of the one with which you want to start communicating, and repeat these steps for the rest of the devices.

Choice of interlocutor

After that, the initial setup is complete. Sound between devices will be broadcast automatically: that is, everything that the microphone of your smartphone will hear will be transmitted to the speakers of other devices connected through this program, and vice versa.

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Fine tuning

The functionality of the application is not limited to this, and if you need to more accurately configure the program to suit your needs, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the smaller settings.

In order to activate the settings item, on the main window, you need to select the button in the form of a slider. It is located in the upper right corner of the work area.

Open settings

In the window that opens, you can change the following parameters:

  1. 'Voice sensibility ' – the sliders in this area are responsible for changing the sensitivity of your device's microphone. You can either increase it by dragging the slider to the right, or decrease it by moving it to the left.

    Voice sensibility

  2. 'Push to talk ' – when this item is activated, a large button will appear in the program window, transmitting sound from the microphone only when you press it.

    Push to Talk in the window

    This function will be useful for those who do not want absolutely everything said to be broadcast to all interlocutors.

    Push to Talk

  3. <'Voice detection sounds ' is a filter that can muffle all extraneous sounds, trying to catch only the speaker's voice.

    Voice detection sounds

  4. 'Sound effect volume ' – is responsible for increasing or decreasing the filter mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Sound effect volume

    The program also has an additional menu: to go to it, click on the 'Advanced ' button.


  5. 'Recording frequency ' – has several predefined values ​​that are responsible for sound quality: experiment and choose the optimal quality for yourself.

    Recording frequency

  6. 'Recording buffer ' – in some cases this item can fix recording problems.

    Recording buffer

  7. 'Audi o CODEC' – this block has available recording codecs for your device. Some of them may have better recording quality, so we advise you to check the quality on each and choose the best one.

    Audi o CODEC

That's all the settings for this program. We hope this will be useful to you. Enjoy your communication.

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